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Holidaying anywhere in the world is almost always better when you have your own car to take you around all the beautiful places, including ones that are impossible to reach without having your own vehicle. On your visit to Crete, make sure that you consider hiring a rental to help take your mind off having to take public transport the moment you step off your plane. One great thing about hire cars in Crete is that the best providers offer convenient pick up services right at the airport, so you never have to worry about lining up to get transport service and start your adventure right after you step out the airport. Here are more ways that hiring a car in Crete can make your vacation a more enjoyable time:

  • Hiring a car will give you the opportunity to explore places that are not reached by local transport. Local public transport services are often limited to major roads and thoroughfares. Most times, you will have to pay a premium in order for them to take you off the beaten road. With a rental car, you can freely go to places you would usually have to pass up on because of limiting public transport.
  • Holidays are supposed to be a time for relaxation. With a car hire, you can do everything at your own pace and go to places that you want to visit in your own time. It is also a lot easier to change your plans and go to different destinations anytime, because you are not bound by local transport or tour schedules. Commuting from one place to the next can also be extremely stressful, especially when travelling an unfamiliar place—which you can avoid when having a rental car to drive you around.
  • It is a lot less expensive to go from one town or village to the next, giving you more opportunities to uncover more unique and beautiful places you would’ve had to miss when travelling by local transport.
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Discovering a new city is a lot more enjoyable when you never have to worry about traveling from one place to the next. This is why car rental is becoming ever more popular among holidaymakers, particularly families and groups who are often inconvenienced by having to take such a large crowd to ride public transport. With everything that Chania has to offer, you wouldn’t have to miss a beat trying to figure out how to fit your family in a cab or jamming everyone in a tour bus when you have your own car to take you around all the must-see destinations around the city.

Hiring a car doesn’t only make travel a lot more convenient and comfortable for families and groups. It can also prove to be the more economical option especially when touring with a large group. The best car hire providers offer a diverse fleet of vehicles that can accommodate all your needs, regardless of the size of your travelling crew. There are also compact vehicles that make travelling a lot easier for smaller families and solo travellers.

Renting a car in Chania helps you enjoy long road trips in the privacy and comfort of your own vehicle. Having to plan a long road trip can be quite a headache when you have little children to worry about. Public transport can be a nightmare once a child throws a fit, middle of the road. It will be a lot easier to keep them calm in the comfort of a private vehicle. More importantly, doing a headcount of everyone in your group is a lot simpler when they are contained in something more compact than a huge bus.

Another major benefit of renting a car to explore and experience a new city is getting a chauffeur who doesn’t only know all the roads leading to the best destinations, but can also give you great tips on making your time even more unforgettable as you visit the city.

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Crete is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It has been a popular tourist destination over the years, mostly due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean between the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It offers a unique combination of natural scenic beauty, history, culture, and tradition.

If you want to explore Crete, renting a car is your best bet. Here are a few reasons why you must consider exploring Crete in a rental car.

  • When you travel by a tour bus, the tour guides decide the time you get to spend at a place before instructing everyone to come back to the bus and move to the next stop. Even if you feel like spending more time at a particular spot, you have to follow their instructions. Having your own car in Crete, albeit on rent, will offer an added advantage that you can drive, rest, and stay as per your own preferences.
  • Some of the must-visit places in Crete are not directly accessible using public transport. It is better to have a vehicle that you can drive to these remote locations and discover the beauty of the island. You can spend as much as time you want at a particular spot.
  • If you do not hire a rental car in Crete, you only have the option of hiring a private taxi if you do not want to take public transport. The rates for private taxis can be exorbitantly high as compared to those of a rental car. You will feel more comfortable if you have your own car while in Crete.
  • The most important reason to explore Crete in a rental car is that you can make last-minute plans and pull them off without any worries. You can have authentic Greek food at any restaurant in Crete when you are in the mood by simply taking a break right there. You are unlikely to get this freedom if you opt for public transport.

You can also book an airport car rental to get a car as soon as you land in Crete. This saves you a lot of time since you would not have to wait in queues for a cab or a bus. This way, you can get started on your trip exploring Crete and its provinces such as Chania, Heraklion, etc. within a few hours of your landing.

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Car rental services in Crete can be really beneficial for people who want to explore the beautiful Greek island at their own pace. They can spend as much or as little time as they want in each location. They do not have to take a tour bus that only covers the popular places along the road. By hiring a car, visitors get full freedom to get acquainted with the island and its culture. Driving on the roads on their own and exploring the remote areas in addition to the famous tourist spots also allow people to get the most of their holiday.

A few ways to find the best bargains on car rental services in Crete are discussed here.

  • If you are serious about finding a good bargain on a car rental service, you must consider hiring a local company rather than an international one. A relatively lesser known rental car company will offer better rates and deals to attract customers as compared to a more famous brand.
  • Go online to check the car rental prices on major travel booking websites. These websites are updated on a regular basis, and you will be able to find out the appropriate price for the rental car of your choice. Even if you go for a local car rental company, you would know the estimated cost in advance and this would eliminate any chance of you being overcharged by the company.
  • When you search for bargains on rental car services, you must consider the option of prepaying for your car as a lot of companies offer the best deals to people who are willing to pay the cost upfront even before the trip has started.
  • You can check for rewards and discounts that you can have with your credit card. Many card companies have tie-ups with rental companies and other businesses. You get cashbacks, discounts or deals when the payments are made using a particular card brand. There are plenty of good deals that you might be able to avail if you plan your trip in advance and make a prior booking for a rental car as well.

The overall cost of renting a car varies with the type of car model a customer chooses. Compact family cars are usually the cheapest options. If such a car model suits your group and your luggage, you can go for such a compact model to save some money, instead of opting for a larger vehicle. This will also considerably lower the amount of money you have to pay for hiring a car rental service in Crete. You can use the savings on buying souvenirs or taking in more destinations in your holiday.

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Stretching 159 miles long and 38 miles wide, Crete feels more like a small country than just an island. The island is filled with many exciting and alluring tourist spots, and Chania is one of them. Chania is also the name of one of the administrative divisions of the island, the other being Heraklion. Both areas are named after the primary city in the zone. A twisty haze of mountains, gorges, vineyards, forests, beaches, and remote rocky headlands makes driving in Chania an extraordinary experience in itself. The journey is as important as the destination–with a rental car in Crete, the veracity of that statement is expressed unequivocally.

Chania has a lot to explore–from its famous national parks to the impressive White Mountains that occupy a large part of the region. The city has maintained its characteristics and beauty from the time of Venetian rule up until today. While public buses might be great for short trips, the best way to explore the beautiful city is by renting a car, especially if you want to get acquainted with it instead of superficially covering the tourist spots with a tour group.

Car rental services, besides offering you a chance to explore the undiscovered parts of the city, also mean comfort and convenience at the same time. This is one of the primary reasons why car rentals are popular among first-time travelers as well as frequent or returning visitors. Hiring a car gives you the freedom to navigate the city and its surrounding regions at your own pace and time. It also puts you in control of the itinerary and saves you from the trouble of keeping up with the pace of the group. You get to see and do more than you could just sitting on a tour bus. Freedom from the timetable of public transport is another bonus.

The car rental services companies in Chania offer cars from different brands in both manual and automatic transmission for their customers. You can opt for hatchbacks, sedans, or SUVs. The companies in the city have a wide range of clean and new cars to suit every budget and need.

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People look forward to vacations eagerly, and the great ones are those that are planned well. The trip has to be smooth whether you are traveling with your family or with a group of friends. It is better to make all plans and arrangements in advance instead of waiting in long queues and paying exorbitant prices for booking transportation and accommodation at the last moment. This is especially true for visiting European destinations like Crete, Greece.

Heraklion is one of the busiest and most densely populated regions on the island of Crete. The city is close to picturesque mountain ranges, exceptional archeological treasures, significant coastal settlements, a series of alluring villages, vast valleys with vineyards and olive groves–all of these are within easy reach of the city center where you can find the best infrastructure for tourists.

The best way to explore Crete is in a private rental car rather than relying on a tour bus or public transportation. Renting a car is also cost-effective and convenient. When you have your own rental car, you do not have to worry about catching a bus on time or keeping up with the rest of the tour group. You can stop wherever you want and drive as far as you want instead of relying on the tour bus operator. You can also take as many breaks as you want since you have your own car and can explore the city at your own pace.

When you want to book a car, all you have to do is to select the kind of vehicle you want and specify the number of days you need it for. Once done, you are all set to explore the city on your terms. Whether you want to take a break, skip a crowded attraction, or spend more time at a spot, you can do so easily when you have a rental car from Heraklion at your disposal.

You can set out on an adventurous ride without worrying about getting lost. Even if it is your first time visiting Crete, you can find your way easily since all rental cars are equipped with GPS navigation aids. Access to your own vehicle will ensure that you are able to explore the city as and when you like it. It is advisable to make all your bookings in advance so that you can get started on your trip right from the moment you arrive.

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Renting a car in a new city can be a bit intimidating for many people. That is probably the reason why people rely on public transport when visiting a foreign city or country. Times are changing, and people are looking to travel and explore new places on their own terms. They now prefer taking a map and driving on the roads to explore a city or country firsthand instead of sitting in tour buses and being taken around to tourist spots.

One of the reasons car rental services have become the preferred way of traveling within a city is because of the easy availability of rental cars all over the world. Major tourist destinations have a large number of rental car companies that offer luxury and non-luxury cars to their customers who want to explore the city on their own. They have a number of cars from different brands for their customers in both manual and automatic transmission.

With an option of online booking, anyone visiting Chania can avail the opportunity of exploring the scenic mountainous roads on their own. They can book a car even before they land at the airport. The car rental companies send the car before the arrival of their customers near the exit gate. Their customers can take the car right then and start exploring the city or drive to their hotel.

These rental car companies in Chania also offer important services such as personal accidental insurance, automobile comprehensive insurance in the event of accident or theft in addition to others. You can take your family and enjoy your trip without worrying about anything. These car rental companies also give children seats, roof racks, and may other such facilities for free.

The best part is that you do not have to stand in long queues or worry about making it to an unknown pick-up location in time. You can leave as early in the morning as you want and as late in the night as you prefer. You can enjoy your vacation like a road trip giving you the liberty to spend your time exactly as you would like. This way, you can also explore both popular and little-known tourist places of Chania making memories with your family.

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Heraklion is the second busiest airport in Greece and serves the point of entry into Crete, a popular tourist destination. The best way to explore Crete is in a private car rather than on a tour bus or public transport. For tourists, renting a car is the most cost-effective and convenient alternative.

When you have your own rental car, you can make the best of your trip to Crete. Instead of worrying about running back to the tour bus on time while exploring the city, you can explore the city at your own pace. Whether you want to take a break, skip or spend more time at a tourist spot, you can do so easily when you have a rental car at your disposal.

There are plenty of advantages of hiring a car right from the Heraklion airport. If you do not book a rental car right from the airport, you need to stand in a queue and wait for your turn to get a cab. You might also have to wait for your cab to pick you up from the designated spot. It is time-consuming and is not the ideal way to start your trip.

When you hire a car in the Heraklion airport, you get started on your trip right away. Most rental companies keep the car ready, waiting for you near the exit gate of the airport. You can complete the formalities, if any, and pick your rental car. You will not need to wait in long queues or spend time waiting for a car. Just drive to your hotel and get settled to start your trip on the right note.

Another advantage of picking the rental car in Heraklion airport is that you can drive to your chosen spot right away if you do not want to go to the hotel directly. Renting a car is also a more cost-effective option since tickets for public transport will add up quickly and surpass the cost of renting the car for the whole family or group.

When you make the booking in advance, you get more options to choose from. The rental car company will keep your chosen car ready for you. You have the option to choose a car model of your choice. If you prefer to travel in style, you can also hire a luxury car since most car rental companies in Heraklion have both luxury and affordable cars.

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Are you planning to pick Crete as your next destination for vacations, then requests your boss for a time-off-work and book a hotel in Heraklion. Once the airline tickets are booked, it looks like you are all set for an exciting and enjoyable trip to this exotic location. But wait a moment! What about the local transportation which will also be a factor in your trip plans and budget? How do you plan to explore the island when you actually arrive? How will you get to the hotel from the airport? What about sightseeing? And most importantly – how will you get the best car rental price? Car rental services in Heraklion can resolve most of your local transportation worries with ease. Here are some useful tips to help you rent a car in Heraklion:

  • Firstly, you have to understand that car rental booking is just like buying flight tickets – urgent bookings call for higher rates. However, if you book your car well in advance for the trip, you will definitely be able to get more affordable rates from the Heraklion rental agency.
  • Secondly, consider the kind of car you will require. While most of us would love to spread out and relax in a big and spacious SUV, a compact car can provide you with a more economical transportation option. So choose wisely and carefully consider your budget when selecting the car to rent for your trip.
  • Thirdly, Heraklion has a number of car rental agencies that you can choose from, offering different services and rental rates. Make sure you explore all your options, compare quality and service charges as well as choices of cars offered. The internet will prove to be a helpful tool for managing it all.
  • Fourthly, make sure you consider the reliability and reputation of the car rental agency before finalizing your bookings. Examine client testimonials, market credibility, industry experience and overall competence of the service provider so as to choose the most reliable and consistent name in the business.

Just keep these factors in mind and you won’t face any issues while renting a car in Heraklion. Have a great trip!

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Car rental services in Heraklion are definitely convenient and preferable, especially when you consider the many comforts and luxuries offered by this hassle free means of transportation for exploring the island of Crete. And if you can manage to cut down your travel expenses, the experience will become even more satisfying. To help you out, here are some easy and effective ways to lower your car rental costs in Heraklion without having to compromise on quality or comfort.

# Book online

Online booking for car rental services will definitely help you get better rates when compared to booking over telephone. Not only do online agencies offer better rates and discounts, you can also explore different Heraklion car rental services and compare their charges on the web, thereby arriving at the most cost-effective deal.

# Choose weekdays

If you have a flexible travel schedule, try and select weekdays for your Heraklion car travel to get better deals. Weekends usually witness a lot of traveler and tourist influx in Crete which is why, car rental companies charge higher rates on these days to maximize profits. By choosing the off-season travel on weekdays, you can save a ton of your money on car rentals.

# Skip insurance

Travel insurance might be a good idea for a long trip but a few-days-worth of an excursion in Heraklion doesn’t necessary warrant paying premium insurance costs. By skipping on travel insurance, you can end up saving a lot of money on your car rental service bill.

# Smaller cars

Unless you really need a large vehicle for transporting your luggage and co-passengers, try going for a smaller, and more compact car. Rental agencies usually charge more economical rates on such vehicles – a fact that will help you save on your transportation bill with just a little adjustment on space.

Keeping these factors in mind will definitely help you lower your car rental costs in Heraklion while maximizing on luxury and comfort during your trip. Happy traveling!

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Money is always a major aspect of holiday travel. Each cent (or penny) you save helps you to travel further, try more local cuisine and buy additional artifacts and souvenirs. Moreover, it feels great if you come back home with money to spare.

There are many ways to save money on a holiday but the two major expenses that can be lowered considerably on a holiday are lodging and travelling costs. This post shall look at how you can save money on your vacations with car hire service in Crete.

Direct Savings

Getting the best deal will give you direct savings. All you need to do is to find a reliable car rental company that offers competitive rates. Also, it makes sense to look for a company that gives proper discounts. These may be in the form of low rates or extra fuel. Some car companies also provide seasonal discounts or a lower price for booking in advance. These small tips help you to save considerably on your travel.

Indirect Savings

In certain cases, the car rental company may have tied up with restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. and these establishments will give you discounted rates when you frequent them for meals or stay there for your holiday. This is a great way to save money as you know you will definitely get a good deal during your stay.

Another factor that is often unnoticed is the savings you make when you travel according to your own schedule. Imagine when you do not have to eat in restaurants where the public bus service stops or where the tour operator stops the coach. Chances are you will save more as you will probably have a good breakfast and travel and sightsee through the day and have a good evening meal. You also get to eat in places that are known for their cuisine. In addition, you will save time as you will make the most of your vacation and see more places. You do not have to go according to the travel company’s schedule but make your own and even travel to places that are off the beaten track.

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There are numerous cars you can choose for rent from while you are on a holiday. The right one you need to hire depends upon the people who will travel, the terrain you will cover, the distance you will travel, the weather you are likely to face and so on. The same logic also applies when you are on a vacation in Crete. The island – the largest in Greece – offers you a different terrain every few miles and you are likely to enjoy a car that fits just right and carries you to the places you want to go.

Here are some tips to choose the perfect size of car in Crete for your vacation:

It should fit the people and the luggage

Not many people think about the luggage that they will carry on their trips when they hire a rental. If you are in a large group, you are likely to have a ton of luggage but it is more than likely that you will not lug them around every day. You and your friends or family are more likely to put the heavy bags in the hotel and travel around the different places. If you are in a large group, it makes sense to hire a taxi to carry you from the port or airport to the hotel and get a smaller car that fits you all comfortably with space to carry the change of clothes you need for the day and some food, if you prefer. Hiring a large car will dent your budget and you will be paying needlessly for space you do not need.

Ensure the seats are comfortable for the kids

If you have a baby, then you should have enough space for you to fix him or her securely to the baby seat. The car should have enough space at the rear to fix the seat and to seat the other members of your family. Also, if you have children, choose a car that is a bit spacious at the back. They will not stay properly seated after two minutes of travel and you and your spouse will have a more stress-free travel if you give them space to easily open their toys and books at the back.

Consider the terrain

Go for a small car if you are not travelling beyond the main roads. In the same logic, try a larger 4-wheel drive if you want to explore beyond the main roads. Just remember that Crete is an ancient civilization and some of the towns have quite narrow streets that will not be able to fit a large 4WD. Nonetheless, a larger car will be needed if you are in a big group in which case, you should ask the hotel for any such possible problems you might face and make the travel plan accordingly.

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There are numerous options for you to rent a car when you are travelling to Chania, the second largest city in Crete.

Read on to find an option that suits you to enjoy your Crete holiday.

Renting from Chania airport or port

There are quite a few car rental companies with offices in Chania airport or the port. You can fly into the airport and look up the different rental companies to see what they offer. Some of the better companies offer good deals and a range of cars that you can pick and choose.

Also, since the town is relatively closer to the mainland than Heraklion, a lot of ferry services come here. The port is another good place for you to rent a car for your holiday in Crete.

Renting from Heraklion airport or port

This is similar to hiring from Chania, and you can try this option if you are landing first in the capital city in your holiday. The professional car rental companies have offices in Heraklion as well as in Chania, and you can opt to pick up a new car there if you decide to leave your Heraklion rental in the city and take the ferry or bus to Chania. The new rental would be waiting for you when you land at the port or bus station, and you only have to pick the keys from the local office. If you prefer, the rental company will also send someone from whom you can collect the keys.

Booking online

Some car rental companies in Crete let you book your Chania rental by simply placing a request online. Their websites contain all the information you need from the type and number of cars they have to the documents you need to carry. You can simply choose from among the available cars and submit your request. You can also place a request for a special luxury car that they may have in their fleet but which is not available when you make the booking. The car rental company will make sure you have the car waiting for you when you land in Chania.

A few of the professionally managed car rental companies offer great discounts during certain seasons. You should definitely take advantage of such deals and ensure you get the most competitive rates for yourself.

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Crete has a number of car rental companies that offer the choicest of cars for their customers. From hatchbacks to luxury cars, the number of car makes and models is quite fascinating. Though most people stick to cars they have driven before, a case may be made for luxury car hire in Crete.

There are many reasons to hire a luxury car in Crete. Here is a look:

You are on a holiday and need to enjoy

The basic premise of a holiday is to enjoy. You are not there to meet deadlines or rush to meetings. Though most people have a tendency to turn a holiday into a goal-oriented schedule, seasoned travelers know that the best way to enjoy a holiday is to take it slow. A luxury car hire lets you enjoy the comfort and pampering that you probably have not given yourself in a long time.

Enjoy driving the best cars

Most people stick to reliable and economically priced cars for their regular commute. These cars are practical but are not that fun to drive as the best cars in the market. Hiring a luxury car allows you to enjoy the comfort and convenience that a good car offers. From the plush upholstery to smooth handling, the cars let you enjoy a different driving experience.

You have always wanted to drive them

Luxury cars fuel the driving fantasies of most men. Many people want to simply try and drive these cars someday. However, that day never comes as people opt for trusted and fuel-efficient cars to take them around. The car rental agencies allow you to give free rein to your dreams. Some of the better agencies on the island offer a range of luxury cars that you ought to try. You can try out a new car each day to experience driving some of the best car models in the world

You and your family deserve it

You and your beloved family deserve to give yourself the luxury ride that you have always wanted. A luxury car rental allows you to enjoy the good life in the company of your precious family. You can enjoy the ride quality, the superior handling, and the extreme comfort that a luxury car ride offers as you take in the beauty of Crete.

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Think back and recall your favorite holidays. No matter where in the world you go, a memorable trip is always one that was free from any annoyances for you and your traveling companions, be they, friends or family. The worst holidays often result from bad accommodations and disruptions in the schedule like a missed bus or train, and in the worst cases, a missed flight. Other factors like being fleeced by tour operators and wasting time standing in queues also contribute negatively to the experience.

Traveling to places like Crete is meant to be an experience of a lifetime, a wonderful mixture of natural beauty and historical legacy. You should make every attempt to visit all the important places around the island, and leave enough time to visit the markets and taste the local fare.

However, not all travel is for pleasure. A business trip demands an even stricter schedule, with little room to maneuver. Business travel to a foreign country can be particularly difficult as you are often dependent on an unfamiliar public transport system. If it is not your first time visiting Crete for business, then you should already have some ideas about the roads and streets of the cities like Heraklion or Chania. You should put that knowledge to practical use.

The solution for such problems is quite simple. Rental cars in Crete can mean a fast and efficient journey to where you need to go. The convenience of having your own wheels makes it easy to plan your trip easily and make sure you get to your destination on time.

If you are visiting Crete, there is a good chance you may also be visiting mainland Greece and perhaps even the rest of Europe. This means that your time in Crete is precious, and should not be wasted. With a rental car, you can quickly go from one place to another, and see what matters to you instead of relying on a tour operator.

Crete’s wonders are spread over the island and in different cities. With so much to see and do in Crete, anyone can run out of time. A rental car will allow you to prioritize and create the most amazing memories.

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Crete is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Over two million tourists arrive year to spend their summer holiday in this Mediterranean paradise. Heraklion, the capital, usually serves as the entrepôt with the second busiest airport in Greece and a port as well.

Heraklion makes logistical sense, it is located close to many of the major attractions on the island and the city itself is ancient with lots of historical buildings and monuments to visit. One of the best ways to ensure that your time in Crete is fun and trouble free is to get a rental car in Heraklion upon arrival.

A rental car opens up many possibilities, allowing you to tailor your vacation to your needs. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when you are considering Heraklion car rentals.

Pick-up: Most car rental services have a booth at the airport and the port, and some scattered throughout the city. It is obviously easiest to pick it up at the airport or port, wherever you arrive. This, way, you will have your own wheels right from the start, and should you decide to visit a café or visit the market before you check into your hotel, you can do so with ease.

Spot vs. Pre-booking: For most international destinations, booking early makes sense. Yet there is a case to be made for walk-ins. There is a possibility of lower rates and perhaps a better car if you choose to book your rental car at the booth. It is, however, advisable to pre-book at all times. If the queues at the booth are too long, or they run out of vehicles, you may be stranded without an alternative. Canceling a pre-booked car in Crete does not carry a charge if you book from a local rental car service.

Add-ons: Consider the add-ons and accessories that are provided. GPS and navigation systems can be helpful if you are trying to avoid data charges on your smartphone. Child seats are provided free of charge, but you must put in the request in advance.

The greatest benefit of a rental car is undoubtedly the freedom to travel on your own schedule. It can often mean the difference between the memories of a lifetime or a nightmare you never talk about.

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Whenever you are looking for a rental car service in foreign destinations, make sure the car is enabled with a GPS navigation system. If you are travelling alone to a foreign land or visiting for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you use the GPS technology to simplify finding routes, local eateries, cafés, hotels, etc.

If you intend to spend your vacation in the picturesque Greek isle of Crete, you can rent a car to travel at your own pace. If you are on the island for the first time and hardly know any routes, then a GPS enabled car will help you reach your destinations with relative ease. You can explore all the corners of the quaint island as per your convenience as the navigation system will let you move about the countryside and not get lost.

A few highlights of using a GPS enabled car navigation system:

  • You can travel anywhere without worrying about not having a map. Gone are those days when you had to carry printed maps in your car while driving to a new destination. Now, you don’t even have to stop the car and ask for directions as the GPS technology will guide you throughout the route and help you to easily reach your destination.
  • A little time in putting in the destination name is what is required before you start a journey. Once you have put the information into the device in your rented vehicle, it will help you navigate without any worries. If you are not used to such devices, the rental car companies will help you understand how to use it before you set out on your journey.
  • A satellite-based GPS navigation system runs on internet connectivity. The rental car company can track you if you ever get lost with the help of the device. If necessary, they can guide you to back on your route when you get off the right road.
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Renting a car or a van or an RV is a good way to enjoy a holiday. Most domestic and international airports provide rent-a-car services that tourist can opt for to travel around. People can also book a car online before they start on their trip.

Among various factors that people should look into such as make, model, luggage space, etc. there is another important aspect that often gets overlooked while selecting a car rental. This is the car rental policy. It is a must for tourists and business travellers to read these rental policies in full before signing any paperwork or making any advance payment.

These policies vary from country to country and even from company to company. Therefore, being the buyer of a service, you have to be conscious of what you are getting and what your responsibilities are. Understanding a policy in full will help avoid any trouble in the middle of your vacation or business tour.

What Car Rental Policies Cover

  • Documents to Produce before Renting a Car: All policies clearly mention the documents to be produced such as the copies of passport, driving license, hotel address, number of people visiting and their age, gender, etc. Some countries may also require some more specific details
  • Fuel: Besides going through the policies, interact with the dealers about their gas policy. Most of them opt with the fill-tank agreement which means you will have to pay for the fuel used. Sometimes, they may ask you to keep a track on the distance travelled and charge you later for the gas consumed. Learn if they have tie-ups with certain gas stations who may give you discounts or provide other services such as car cleaning at reduced prices
  • Accident and Insurance Policies: Knowledge of accident and insurance policies will help you in a foreign land if you ever land in a mishap. Keep copies of pictures and documents of the vehicle’s previous accidents to protect yourself from any problem. Also, keep the emergency numbers handy.

If you are in Crete, opt for car rental companies that provide detailed information on their policies to their users.

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People who are looking forward to travel with a large group at a cost effective rate, should hire the services of the minibus. Compared to the car, the minibus is quite cheap and fun way to travel around in large groups. However, before hiring the minibus service you have to be sure that the company has a good reputation for its services. There are several companies today that are providing this type of service which makes it difficult to select the one that will be best for you. You should make a list of all your needs and requirements before you start your research on the companies offering the minibus services.
You should look for a company that has been providing this service for a long time and have managed to build a good reputation in the market. The company that you have chosen should be able to handle the needs of their customers. Some companies also provide professional drivers for the minibus so that you do not have to drive to your location and can enjoy with your family and friends. You can also real all the testimonials that are provided by the previous customers of the company. The customers are always ready to point out all the flaws and good points of the service that the company provided. You should also visit the company and inspect the vehicle that you are about to hire.
It is advisable that seek advice from a person who has expert knowledge about the minibuses. This way you will be able to rent the minibus that will best suit all your needs and requirements. You will be able to have a wonderful journey with your friends and family when you rent the right minibus. You should also look at the rates at which the company is providing you with the minibus service. Make sure that the rates fit within your budget. You should get the best quality service that too at a reasonable rate. You can always make contact with the company and clarify all the doubts that you have regarding the service.

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Once you have found a trustworthy rental company in Crete, you will start reaping the many benefits of opting for car hire services in Chania. It may be an extra expense on your part, but the main advantage of driving a rented car instead of taking public transportation is that you are in full control of your itinerary. The best way to explore the island is by driving around its natural and manmade wonders.

A pampered arrival

The benefits of availing a car hire service starts the moment the plane touches down at Chania Airport. After clearing customs, you can go straight to your hotel in a vehicle of your preference. There is no need for another half hour of waiting at the rental office at the airport since the car you have arranged for is already waiting for you. You will not have to stand up with your luggage at your feet waiting for the next available public transportation option that comes along. You can relax immediately and get into the groove of your much-awaited time away.

Additional benefits

Companies that deliver quality services to satisfy their clients ensure that their offers encompass all the needs and requirements of the customer. This is why car hire packages already include a comprehensive insurance coverage, unlimited mileage, free airport pickup and delivery, and road assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are plenty of choices at hand. Travelers on a limited budget may avail of seasonal discounts and various promos offered throughout the year.

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When you travel to a place like Crete, you do not want to spend hours or even seconds looking for a taxi to ferry you around. Why waste a few precious minutes contemplating, and sweating out while you can have fun and enjoy your trip?
So, that is one solid reason for arranging a car rental service to take you anywhere you want and have unrestricted fun on your Grecian holiday. Apart from this, there are some outstanding benefits of hiring a car even before you reach Crete, make your trip remarkable.
There are car hiresthat allow you to book your vehicle well in advance, through online bookings. So, as soon as you land in the airport, you can have the vehicle of your choice, waiting to take you to your destination. This way, you have the advantage of not waiting for an empty taxi to appear and spend a few minutes in frustration.
One more benefit is that with the car hires giving you chauffeur services, you will have a guide, all through your stay, to help you reach every single remnant of this glorious city. With a chauffeur to ferry you around, you need not worry about contemplating the traffic on the roads or search for a particular site.
It is a well-accepted fact that having a vehicle at your disposal, in a new city, can make your trip comfortable. Whenever you feel like visiting a particular place or whatever time you prefer to start your day, you can simply pick your vehicle and start your exploration of this ancient city.
Hence, next time you plan a trip to Crete, ensure that you have a car booked in your name, to have a magnificent holiday on the Island.
To get further information visit here

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Transportation is one of the main concerns when we travel to an unknown or a new destination. Today, with the car rental agencies going online, we have the possibility of making reservations and pre-booking our transport long before our scheduled trip.

So, if you are planning to visit Crete, order a car to meet you at the Heraklion airport, and enjoy your journey from day one onwards. The car rentals provide you with an excellent choice of cars to pick from and to make your Island holiday more special. There are several must-see places in Crete, and thus, transportation is a must for making your trip remarkable.

Having a car ready to pick you up from Heraklion can make it quite easier for you to start your holiday on a glorious note. These Heraklion car hires services give you the facility of hiring out the best cars from their fleet and that too, from the airport itself. Thus, if you pre-book your vehicle in advance, you can pick it up directly from the aerodrome, and start your journey without any hitch or delay.

Since the car rental agencies in Crete give you the option of dropping the cars wherever your trip takes you, one need not go out of the way to pick and drop the hired vehicles. This one aspect had made them much more successful in their endeavour and the most sought after mode of transportation from Heraklion. Several businessmen and tourists use this option to have a successful trip.

Apart from driving the car of your choice, you get to have the independence of travelling anywhere around Crete, on its wheels.

Having a safe transportation can make the whole trip even more remarkable. Hence, if you are planning to visit Crete and Heraklion for a holiday or a business trip, make sure to pre-book your transportation well in advance, to make the trip more remarkable.

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The world of travel and tourism has evolved over the years. Today, people believe in spending for their comfort and happiness. Since the spending power of the majority of the tourists has increased, there are many areas that have seen a sea of change.
Take, for instance, the car hires that have cropped up in all the main tourist destinations around the world today. Unlike struggling in a new city by looking for a taxi or any type or transportation, people now pre-book their vehicles long before their trip. This way, they come prepared for all eventualities.

There are many countries, especially Europe, which has some great car hire services who manage everything virtually. So, one can just pick out the country they want to travel, select a car hire in the place and call them up for booking their car for the duration of stay.

It is not just a few agencies that are operating in countries such as Greece. There are innumerable choices available for a person who would like to book a mode of travel, say, in cities like Crete. So, one has a choice of picking out the best among the lot and still enjoy the fun, all at an affordable price.

When there is a competition, people tend to give out their best. It is true with the car hires too. Just because there are quite many players in the market, each one strives to give their best in terms of customer satisfaction and affordability.

Hence, any tourist will find some excellent option put before him. There is always someone who is providing you with the car of your choice and for the duration, at a cheaper price.

Thus, an affordable car hire services today have become one of the best ways to travel to those places that we always thought were beyond our limits.

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Book a car in Heraklion
Book a car in Heraklion






Rent your car in Heraklion and find the best summer in Crete!

Summer vacations is the perfect time for many people to pack their bags and head to some of the most popular tourists destinations in the world. These places are usually popular because they offer a collection of beautiful beaches with tranquil waters off the shore during the day and a pulsating nightlife after the sun has gone down. However, only vary few places, if any, in the world offers the unique combination to the travelers who visit its shores during the summer months.

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Cabrio rentals in Crete
Cabrio rentals in Crete








Rent a cabriolet in Crete and enjoy the summer breeze

Crete island of  Greece, these days are being considered as one of the must visit places for the tourists from all over the world; as this particular island named Crete provides you with a beautiful natural background as well as a soothing and pleasant weather all year round.

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Heraklion airport car hire







Traveling to Crete and arriving at Heraklion airport

Heraklion is the capital and the centrally located city of the Crete Island, which has been a paradise for the tourists for a very long time.

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How to survive a long car rental journey

Driving car for longer distance can give lot of pleasures because attractive side scenes and people also consider as little adventure. Long car ride is not safer if you would have not prepared with all necessary preparations and precautions.

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Rent a car and pay upon arrival only in cash

Many companies present the tourists with a highly developed booking system but underneath they “rip off” your credit cards with secret commissions and over charges, usually written in small lettering at the very end of the page.

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Best night life places in Crete

Malia is a very important city of the Cretan Island of Greece and the city is specially known for its hi-fi life style and intense night life involvements. You would certainly be able to find a large number of bars and night clubs in the while you are in the city of Malia.

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How to save money on your summer holidays in Crete

Everyone may have plan for visiting tourist location every year during holidays. Before plan for travel to your destination we must know how to save money in travel expenditures. No one wants to waste money but most of the people are not aware of how to save money. Saving money help us to buy some gifts for relatives and extend our enjoyment during our stay rather than just spending more money.

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hire a car in crete

How to travel to Elafonisi Island.

Are you in search of a magical place that will remind you of a lost paradise? Then consider visiting the island of Elafonisi off the coast of Crete. It is a castaway island with golden beeches.

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How to Travel to Elafonisi beach.

Greece is known for her ancient civilization that is considered the oldest in whole of Europe. People flock to its shore to experience the relics of its rich and vibrant past. The relics of the classical age offer a remarkable sight. However, there is one other thing to Greece that is a leading crowd puller. It is the stunning beaches and the pristine waters of its shore.

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rent a car in Crete in high seasonCrete is the largest & the most populous island in Greece. The natural beauties and cultural heritages have enriched this island. Rough mountains, green valleys, calm rivers, lakes and above all the picturesque island on the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea make this island really popular destination for the tourists from the different corner of the world.

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Crete villagesOne of the best tourism destinations in Europe for the nature lovers is definitely the island of Crete. Crete is the biggest among all the entire Greek islands and obviously the most popular one for its scenic & cultural beauty.

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hire a car in Heraklion portCrete is the largest among the Greek islands and Heraklion is the largest city in this island. Due to the huge natural and cultural beauty of Crete, this island has become a craze among the tourism freaks from all over the world. Heraklion is the gateway used by the tourists to get entrance to the island of Crete

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Hire a 4x4 jeep in Heraklion

Go for a 4×4 Jeep,  discover the hidden Crete!

The biggest and the most populous island in Greece is Crete. Crete is enriched with its natural & cultural heritages. Icy mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and above all the picturesque island on the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea make this island really popular destination for the tourists from the different corner of the world. The main cities of this island are Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Ierapetra, Agios Nikolaos & Sitia. The gateway of Crete used by the world tourist is mainly the Heraklion airport.

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heraklion car rentalHeraklion a vibrant city, and the capital of the region

People from all nations like to visit Crete Island in Greece. A preferred method to travel around Crete is with a car hire in Heraklion and you can start it straight from the airport. The airport of Heraklion is 2.5 miles away from the main city centre and is known as the Nikos Kazantzakis Airport (HER).

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rent a car Heraklion airport

Hire the car of your selection and it will be expecting you at the exact time of your arrival at Heraklion Airport.

Crete car rental companies offer 24/7 services whether you want to go the Heraklion airport or you want to be picked up from there. Many companies claim to have the best rental service, but make sure that you do a proper investigation or look through the reviews to rent a car in Heraklion Airport. Competitive packages offered by these companies, will put you in a state of confusion. Visitors need to integrate about each company, and then go for the one that stands out. Do visit, if an astonishing car rental service is all that you want.

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driving Cretan roads with a hire car

Driving tips when rent a car in Crete

If you are on a trip to Crete Island then driving through the island is the best way to discover this beautiful place. However driving in Crete is not the same as driving in any other European or American countries. It is so because Cretans have some unique traffic rules, traditional you may say that is completely different from what most of us are used to. Moreover the terrain of Crete is a little dicey thing to manage but with little guidance anyone can master driving in this terrain.

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top destinations in Crete

Top Places in Crete

The best thing about Crete Island is that here you will never run out of things to do. Crete Island has something to offer for everyone. If you love the beach and the sun you can enjoy the sand for endless hours and engage in water sports. If you are adventurous type then you can very well go on a trek or mountain climbing. If you love discovering culture of new place then you can simply start walking the streets and get to know the amazing Cretan culture. No matter how you prefer to spend your time in Crete, there are a few things that everyone must do on their visit to Crete.

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car rental packing for CreteIf you are planning to visit Crete, the largest and the most beautiful island of Greece, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you land in Crete. Crete is known for the beautiful beaches and the contrasting nature of the landscapes adds to its attractiveness. Crete is synonymous with sea, beaches and the sun. Particularly during summer, the sun and the heat can be nasty and you need to do packing for Crete accordingly.

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car hire companies in Crete

Rent a car in Crete with a car rent company or Brokers?

Hiring a car on your trip to Crete can be a major problem sometimes. There are a number of car rental companies to choose from but a family owned car hire company is always a better option than brokers’ car rentals. Family owned car hire companies usually are local companies and cater to the tourists in their area of operation. On the other hand brokers car rentals are big business houses hat provide rental services all over the world.

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Rent a car in Crete on winter seasonSummer or Winter season?

People, who plan to visit Crete, usually choose the summer months to do so. This is because in that time there are no bad weather, or snow falls and thus you can expect to enjoy all your holidays completely. However, this may not a good idea all the time as in the summer months, the weather of Crete is really becomes very hot and the temperature remains on and above 35°C. This may not turn out to be pleasant to you and thus you may not the visit to Crete as much as you should. Now, this is one of the various reasons for which it is advisable to all to visit Crete in the winter season. This helps you to enjoy the beauty of Crete in a new way.

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hire car in Crete with a Gps Navigator

Select a GPS Navigator with a car hire in Crete.

To visit the places of Crete in Greece and to see the real beauty of it, you need to hire a car and make a trip to all the places that you want. Now, there is a little problem in this case. While traveling, often you don’t have a guide with you who can take you to the important and most beautiful places of Crete and the map maybe a bit confusing for you or old. Now, in such a condition, one needs something to help him or, her out.

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This summer, if you have planned for a family trip to Crete, then you would surely want to face the dilemma of choosing between public transportation and car hire. When this happens, you will probably look after the pros and cons for each option. Car hire in Crete is a feasible option for tourists. No matter if it’s an individual or a family trip, hiring a car should be the priority for tourists. Visitors can better understand the need of hiring a car, when they are arrive at the Heraklion Kazantzakis Airport, or at Chania airport and they are looking for some transport service to get to their hotel. To avoid this from happening, a visitor should better pre-book a rent car in Heraklion airport.

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As important is the safety of children in the car, so important is the safety of pets when traveling with us. First, for our own safety, might come suddenly upon us as we drive or jump from an open window causing an accident. Our lovely pets are not always the ideal passengers on a journey to Crete especially with a rental car and the last thing anyone wants is to feel their claws clinging to our back and leads to the highway. To ease your trips try to create an environment as comfortable as possible for your pet. Moreover, the car is a new and strange environment for a dog or a cat. You need to include a travel crate (the bigger the better) to transfer the pet, a light cover for the cage, small container hygiene, food and water bowls. Always keep your pet in the cage which must be carefully tied to the seat to reduce the risk of injury.

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camping places in Crete

Get your rental car and find the best free camping places in Crete!

Generally free camping is forbidden in Crete and often-persecuted-by port police. But fortunately there are some small secret corners away from adjoining hotels and cosmopolitan places.We don’t need many things to carry with you, with or without a tent, a sleeping bag or just a sheet, with or without a swimsuit. Free! Go as you please, just do not forget water, a flashlight and something to eat. And of course whatever we caring with us, we have always to take it back with us… These are a few memorable and exciting places to spend a night under the stars!

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Crete is one of those must-see places in the Mediterranean. In fact, it is the most popular of the Greek Islands and it has many tourist spots. Some people may find walking the streets of Crete an enjoyable experience, alongside crowds and different busy establishments, but there might be some who would like get away from city centers and travel to the blue clean beaches and green rough mountains with the graphical villages.

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Crete rent minibus

Hire a Minibus in Crete or a Car?

This has not become a trend yet, but it may only be a few years before minibus rentals in Crete will become popular. When people travel, they usually rule out renting a car as they would prefer walking or commuting. Another good justification that many would say is that renting a car is impractical because one is not familiar with the place he or she is visiting.

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One of the most important works not only for Heraklion City but  for the whole island which is also one of the key priorities of the municipality begins to seem that enters the phase of the study and implementation.

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Heraklion Kazantzakis International Airport is Crete’s main airport, and the second busiest airport in Greece.

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Crete is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. It is an island in Greece that is famous for its crystal clear azure beaches, museums and archaeological sites. It’s a destination that offers a lot for a tourist to go through. And one of the best ways to experience Crete is to drive around in a car. That is why it’s best to rent a car in Crete when on vacation. But if it’s your first time renting a car in Crete, there are some things to remember:

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Choosing the best car rental deal for a trip is very important because having the right car can do a lot for one’s traveling experience. When traveling in a place like Crete, finding a rental car that is perfect for one’s needs is not impossible, with plenty of Crete car rental companies and cars to choose from.

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Having a car around when one’s in a foreign land, like Crete, is a more convenient way to explore and get around the island. It saves money and time because the tourist won’t have to depend on public transportation. Plus, a car is always available at his disposal. Regarding car rentals in Crete, here’s a little tip for every traveler: book one in advance.

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Rent a car from a Car Rental Family owner or from a Big rental Companies?

Whenever you go to Crete, Greece, you have to rent a car from car rental companies to get around the island. You can find renting a vehicle much cheaper compared to relying on public transport. Plus, it’s more convenient to have a car around because it’s readily available, as opposed to waiting for buses and etc., which is subject to competing with other public commuters.

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Explore Crete with a car rental

Going on a road trip is a great way to explore a new place and go on an adventure. While a formal tour with a bus and a tour guide is far more convenient, there is a certain thrill, whimsy and spontaneity to discovering something on your own or on your own accord. One of the great places in the world for such an adventure is Crete, Greece.

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Crete, Greece is one of the best places to go to for a vacation this summer, with its white sand beaches and azure seas. It’s a good place to go yachting and enjoy the sun. If you’re a first time traveler to Crete, however, I suggest that you rent a car when touring a city, especially when you’re on a budget. Getting a car instead of relying on public transportation will help you save more on your vacation, especially when you are able to find a cheap car rental in Crete. How, you say? Well, it’s easy!

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Tips for planning the perfect archaeological excursion with children.

If you want to lead your child and initiate it into the magic of ancient civilizations, your child has to learn that a tourist child attraction is not just Disneyland. Do you want to visit with your child an archaeological site, take an excursion that will be enjoyable and instructive? Here are some tips for the perfect archaeological excursion.

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The age of children, but also the parents needs are key factors.

There is no perfect place, as there is no right age for a child to start traveling. Santorini for example, is not a destination synonymous with family vacations, but we know some who have gone to great family-friendly apartments, with the beach and great restaurants within walking distance. Rhodes can be an island ideal for family holidays, but if you do not choose the right hotel, you become a hassle – and so forth.

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We got tired, but we did it in the end. We searched and found the best suggestions for the most demanding customers of our lives. We questioned moms and dads of all ages, we remembered all our personal experiences, we recorded the pitfalls and desires and try to answer as many questions and different situations which fit under the title “Family vacation” – from farmhouses equipped with popcorn machines, hotel rooms with PlayStation 3 consoles, ships with renting DVD players and offices that can organize a trip to Ecuador based over the specially designed needs of your family. In an era where specialization is the biggest challenge in the travel industry, the cottage in the village is no longer the only solution. Specialized hotels that provide rooms with cribs and a total baby service that it’s not necessity even to bring the milk bottle with you, airlines “nannies” whom you may want to take home with you, restaurants with children’s dishes and waiters who rush to bring crayons and paper along with the menu, travel agencies undertake tailor made trips to exotic destinations with even with a baby of 18 months …

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Rent a car at Heraklion Kazantzakis airport and drive off to the island that encapsulates the whole of Greece.

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Balos lagoon

Welcome to the beautiful  island of Crete, a precious treasure glistening in the Mediterranean Sea, the home to the ancient Minoans, with amazing deep blue beaches, rough mountains, fascinating and busy towns, traditional and poetic villages, sweet wine, olive oil and sun, is as beautiful as is enigmatic.

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