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Rent a Car in Crete with a GPS Navigator

hire car in Crete with a Gps Navigator

Select a GPS Navigator with a car hire in Crete.

To visit the places of Crete in Greece and to see the real beauty of it, you need to hire a car and make a trip to all the places that you want. Now, there is a little problem in this case. While traveling, often you don’t have a guide with you who can take you to the important and most beautiful places of Crete and the map maybe a bit confusing for you or old. Now, in such a condition, one needs something to help him or, her out.

A GPS navigator will be best possible option there. Such a navigator will lead you to your destination and will give by road instructions. Most of all, as such images and maps as well as the road directions of the GPS Navigator comes from satellite images; it is really trusted and reliable. This will help you to find your way easier and thus, traveling in Crete with a rented car will be simpler as well. Now, there are a few car rent companies, which use to offer such GPS navigator with the car itself, however, to get that, you need to make an early request and also you need to pay a little more than the rent of the car which is charged to you. (The cost per day is only 4 euros and if you hire the car more than 14 days the price drops to 3,5 euros!)

Among the other companies, Cretarent is one of the best car rental companies in Crete, Heraklion and our GPS navigator systems are brand new and always updated with all the new changes on the roads and the new traffic installations. The navigator we offer is transportable, light and most importantly, we can per-configured the Gps with your spoken language, so it can speak in the spoken language of the car hirer. Another great thing about these navigators is that, they come with all essential information regarding busy traffics in the big roads around the city, restaurants and also contains information about the village roads and other narrow roads and small taverns. Don’t forget to mention the big help in now day’s petrol price, it can point the fastest way to the closest petrol station, so you will not spent time and money looking for one. You can easily set the image view into 2d or even 3d mode and specify the root. This helps you immensely to have a complete trip to Crete, even without a guide. It also receives voice commands. It shows you the successive direction representation as per your commands, like – the 2nd one or, the 3rd one. This makes your travel to Crete much easier than ever. So, if you have planned to take trip to Crete, rent a car from Cretarent and ask for the GPS navigator to make your trip memorable forever.

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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