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Forgo All the Inconveniences of Public Transportation and Avail Car Rental Services by Cretarent

Many tourists are opting for car rentals in Crete instead of public transportation for the sake of convenience. They find it easier and faster to drive themselves around the island and visit tourist destinations when driving instead of riding buses and cabs. The upfront cost of car rentals in Crete may be high, but the convenience they provide make them a great option.

Crete has an extensive network of bus routes that make it relatively easy to get around the huge island. The fares are also reasonable, too. The trips are scheduled hourly, and the buses go to major cities and attractions in the island such as the Knossos, Gortys, and Phaestos. However, schedules often change unexpectedly. This is why expert travelers recommend double checking schedules of bus trips before planning a trip.

Comfort is also an issue. Since the bus is the main form of public transportation, the stations are often crowded. Long queues of locals and tourists can be expected during peak seasons. If you are planning to visit inland villages and south coast towns, you have to be at the station early to reserve seats because only a few buses go there.

Greater freedom and mobility are some of the biggest reasons why car rentals in Crete are better than public transportation. You can move around the city and journey to various places with much ease. You also have greater privacy and security since you are not traveling with strangers. There’s no need to worry about bus schedules. You don’t have to load and unload your bags in the bus’s compartment and feel anxious about its safety. Just leave them in the car’s trunk throughout the entire drive.

The key to a successful car rental in Crete is finding the right rental company. Cretarent makes sure that all the cars in their fleet are safe, clean, and well-maintained. They even include insurance in the rental fees for a worry-free rental experience.

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