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Knossos on the UNESCO World Heritage

One of the most important works not only for Heraklion City but  for the whole island which is also one of the key priorities of the municipality begins to seem that enters the phase of the study and implementation.

The unification of the archaeological sites of Knossos part of an ambitious plan includes the study of a general regulatory framework (a master plan) is expected to bring one of the most important monuments of humanity according to the Mayor Mr. Yannis Kourakis while a lever of development and pillar for other regions. Besides, the character of Heraklion and its role and the staff are betting that the Mayor places particular emphasis on the cultural sector.

The first step has already been done, the green light given by the Culture Ministry to proceed with the design. Today, together with the Mayor and City Council President Demetris Karatzanis the president of state-owned Consolidation and Restoration of Archaeological Sites SA k.Ntora Galani made the first public autopsy visiting Knossos, followed by the strain of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Valakou and other officials.
The ultimate objective as stated by the Mayor of Heraklion is to create a complete file to be included in the Knossos World Heritage of UNESCO and to join together in a single place all the monuments that will be combined to offer many and varied activities.

According to the design will connect all the monuments of the region ie Dionysus Villa, Villa Ariadne, the Royal Villa, the Caravanserai, the small palace, the house of the High Priest, the tomb-shrine, the aqueduct and St. Irene (Venetian monument ) with the main archaeological site via specific routes for walking. Will also be considered the roads, there will be regeneration of the whole region and will also be a special architectural design for the restoration and enhancement of the facades of buildings.

Upon completion of the project will create an open museum will also be a magnet for Greek and foreign visitors but also offer a new destination for Heraklion.

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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