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Top 10 Tips for Car Rental at Chania

Renting a car in Chania can be practical if you want to make the most of your visit and get around freely on your own, especially if you have companions. Here are 10 tips to help ensure that you rent a car from the right company, get the best deals, get the right car for your needs:

  1. Choose an experienced and established car rental company in Chania – Make sure the service provider has decades of experience and a good track record of providing reasonably priced car rental, not only in Chania, but throughout Crete.
  2. Always look for the best price – Rent a car from a provider that can guarantee the best prices.
  3. Consider booking in advance – Make advanced arrangements for car rental in Chania, as some companies offer discounts when you do. Book online, so you can do further research about the company and look up reviews about them and their service. Some companies allow you to book now and pay when you arrive.
  4. Explore the selection of cars and their features – Another reason to book a rental car in advance: you can research the vehicles and their features. That way, you can make an informed decision when selecting the best car for your needs.
  5. Look for freebies – Do you have companions? Consider a car rental company that offers perks like free second driver and free baby seats.
  6. Make sure the car is ready at the airport – Look for a car rental company that has a booth or an office in Chania Airport. That way, you can be sure that your preferred vehicle will be ready as soon as you arrive, and you do not have to wait unlike when you book on the spot.
  7. Inspect the vehicle – Before driving away, examine the rental car and make sure there is a serviceable spare tire. Look for bumps, scratches, and other forms of damage and make sure they are noted on the service agreement, or you could become liable for them.
  8. Consider getting car rental insurance – Learn about car rental insurance in Chania to protect yourself against accidents, damage, or theft.
  9. Check for the gas – See if the gas in or fuel in is similar to the amount of petrol in the car’s gauge. Ask the car rental provider about its policy on fuel quantities in the car’s tank. Make sure the fuel in the tank is the same as what was recorded gas in or fuel in when returning the vehicle, as some rental agencies do not provide refunds if you have excessive fuel.
  10. Take note of mileage costs – Some car rental companies in Chania offer cars with unlimited mileage. If mileage costs apply, they will take note of the mileage when you pick up the car and when you return it.
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