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Top five essential things not to use your rental car as

We bet you already are aware of what you shouldn’t do with the rented cars, but people have a terrible habit of forgetting them again and again. These are actually not that hard to remember, but then we thought of reminding you of these essential things one more time that every car rental company will tell you not to do. If you are planning to hire a car, you should take care of these things.

  1. Your rental car is not a space for smoking

If you read the terms and conditions of your car rental company, you will get to know that they don’t appreciate smoking inside the car. Stop your car, get out of it, and smoke whenever you feel like smoking. You won’t want the rented car’s seat to burn, plus you will end up paying a hefty fine to the company. So, if you think that air freshener will remove the smell, then it is not as easy as you think. To put it in simple words, don’t smoke inside the car, please.

  1. No pets allowed

Although there are a few rental companies that may allow pets to travel along with your car, provided you take full responsibility for it, you might still want to check with them once. Many companies will mention it in their policy that they don’t allow pets. So, if you are planning to travel along with your pets, you might want to check with your car rental company once. Just have a word with them and find out if they allow pets or not.

  1. The rental car is not your getaway ride

Here’s the thing, many of you may find this rule a bit funny, but it has happened. Have you seen crime series where the criminal rents a car to fulfill a crime spree or commit illegal actions, please don’t do any of such things! Car rental companies trust their customers that they will take care of the rental cars just like their own cars. So, you may want to find out a different company if you have anything similar going on in your mind!

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