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Rent a Car in Crete: Find Out the Reasons to Explore Crete

Crete is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It has been a popular tourist destination over the years, mostly due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean between the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It offers a unique combination of natural scenic beauty, history, culture, and tradition.

If you want to explore Crete, renting a car is your best bet. Here are a few reasons why you must consider exploring Crete in a rental car.

  • When you travel by a tour bus, the tour guides decide the time you get to spend at a place before instructing everyone to come back to the bus and move to the next stop. Even if you feel like spending more time at a particular spot, you have to follow their instructions. Having your own car in Crete, albeit on rent, will offer an added advantage that you can drive, rest, and stay as per your own preferences.
  • Some of the must-visit places in Crete are not directly accessible using public transport. It is better to have a vehicle that you can drive to these remote locations and discover the beauty of the island. You can spend as much as time you want at a particular spot.
  • If you do not hire a rental car in Crete, you only have the option of hiring a private taxi if you do not want to take public transport. The rates for private taxis can be exorbitantly high as compared to those of a rental car. You will feel more comfortable if you have your own car while in Crete.
  • The most important reason to explore Crete in a rental car is that you can make last-minute plans and pull them off without any worries. You can have authentic Greek food at any restaurant in Crete when you are in the mood by simply taking a break right there. You are unlikely to get this freedom if you opt for public transport.

You can also book an airport car rental to get a car as soon as you land in Crete. This saves you a lot of time since you would not have to wait in queues for a cab or a bus. This way, you can get started on your trip exploring Crete and its provinces such as Chania, Heraklion, etc. within a few hours of your landing.

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