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Car rental Crete


Large Corporate Car Rental Companies vs. Family Ones

Rent a car from a Car Rental Family owner or from a Big rental Companies?

Whenever you go to Crete, Greece, you have to rent a car from car rental companies to get around the island. You can find renting a vehicle much cheaper compared to relying on public transport. Plus, it’s more convenient to have a car around because it’s readily available, as opposed to waiting for buses and etc., which is subject to competing with other public commuters.

There are a lot of rental car companies that can be found in Crete, and they can be classified into two: large corporate car rental companies and family car rental companies. Each has its advantages and setbacks, and I’m going to enumerate them down so you’ll have an idea which rental car company to call when you’re in Crete.First, you usually have to go for the large corporate car rental companies when you are on a business trip. And this applies to all places, not only in Crete. This is because, most often, you will need to maintain an impression; and the car model you sporting during the trip significantly contributes to this maintenance of appearances. And these companies are a good choice when you’re too busy to drive, too. Most of the time, they include a driver with their rental service.The obstacle to these rental companies, however, is the cost. More often than not, they charge more. It’s understandable, however, since the models they lend you are new and expensive, too, such as sedans. Another setback is that these car companies often have limited services when it comes to accommodating families, such as lacking baby seats and etc. And most of the cars in these companies aren’t that family-friendly.On the other hand, family car rental companies are what to choose when you are on a trip for pleasure. This is because the rental cost is more affordable.

With a low cost budget, you can already get a decent working car to go around the shops and do some sightseeing while visiting a city, or go on long trips around the Cretan island.In addition, they are family-friendly, with car models that can accommodate large numbers of people. And they can also supply you with baby booster/seats, too. The setback, though, is that most of the cars from family rental car companies are not fit for business trips. They’re not as good as sedans.

In conclusion, what you need to think about before contacting a car rental company is the kind of trip you are having. Is it for business? Or is it a trip for pleasure? Knowing this will help you decide on what car company you should get in touch with.

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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