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Crete, Holidays


Hello from beautiful Crete

Balos lagoon

Welcome to the beautiful  island of Crete, a precious treasure glistening in the Mediterranean Sea, the home to the ancient Minoans, with amazing deep blue beaches, rough mountains, fascinating and busy towns, traditional and poetic villages, sweet wine, olive oil and sun, is as beautiful as is enigmatic.

Crete, beaches and mountains

what other island in Greece, apart from Crete, offers more than 100 beaches to enjoy the sun and sea? Whether you are looking for beautiful sandy beaches, small coves, beaches with shallow waters suitable for young children or isolated beaches for nudism, we can find all in Crete.
Which island offers snow-capped peaks of nearly 2.5 km in height, Crete is a mountainous island and that means thousands of paths for those who ask for contact with nature through hiking, mountaineering and climbing.

The Cretan Nature

In what other part of Greece you will find a huge variety of landscapes offered by Crete and forests of chestnut and oak, exotic Palm next to beautiful beaches, fertile plains, you can smell the orange and lemon trees each spring the golden ripe bunches of grapes Every summer, thousands of hills covered with olive trees with their leaves singing with the wind, and bare hills, which over the sharp stones and rocks violently life finds a way to germinate and home to dozens of small birds and animals?

Crete, history and modern infrastructure

Which Greek island travels you in the Minoan palaces that were built more than three and a half thousand years, you will walk and admire cobblestone Roman, Byzantine churches, you will explore Venetian and Turkish fortresses?

Whoever puts his foot on this island feels a mysterious force branching warmly and beneficially through his veins, senses his soul begin to grows”

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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