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How to Get a Hands-On Experience with Car Rental in Crete?

Renting a car at Cretarent is an extremely user-friendly process. One can book from various vehicles available, including free pick and drop facilities, special arrangements for children, and policy coverage of the cars. However, to avail a car rental in Crete for exploring the island, some protocols are followed at Cretarent that the renters must adhere to:

  • The foremost eligibility criterion is that the renters must be 20-years-old minimum. The renter must provide substantial proof of birth to establish his age.
  • The renter must possess a valid driving license for at least one year before renting cars from Cretarent. 
  • In the absence of a European license or a license written in languages other than English or Greek, the renters must provide international licenses. 
  • In the event of receiving any traffic tickets or fines during the journey of car rental in Crete, it is the renters’ liability to pay these charges. Also, they must inform Cretarent about the instances. 
  • If the renter meets with an accident during the car journey rented from Cretarent, they must inform us and the police. In the absence of a police report, the renters need to pay the charges. It is required to repair the damages if any. 
  • If the renter returns the car later than that mentioned in the rental contract, what will happen? Well, they have to pay some additional charges. It will be precisely €10 per hour for every three hours, excluding the first hour.
  • The renter is not allowed to transport the rented car from Cretarent to other islands. If they argue with us to cross the border, Cretarent reserves the right to cancel their booking related to car rental in Crete.
  • At the end of the journey, the renter must refill the tank. It is a must to equate the amount of fuel present at the beginning of that journey. 

If you are looking for the best car rental service provider in the industry, connect with Cretarent. You can visit the portal for more details on the available car options, rentals, and other service details.  Enjoy the views of Crete on rented cars from Cretarent!

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