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Ferry or Rented Car: Which Will Make Your Trip to Crete More Enjoyable?

Crete is one of the most beautiful travel destinations that you can visit with your family or friends. Even if you are travelling solo, there are many things to do in Crete that can be enjoyed all alone. The beautiful landscapes, remote beaches, mixed culture, love for art and history, as well as amiable nature of the local’s together make this place a must-visit for one and all!

Transportation in Crete is no hassle as well. You can opt for a car rental in Crete at the best prices and enjoy exploring every nook and corner of the island. Another option of transportation throughout the island is a ferry.

Ferries are known to be a sought-after alternative for both the locals as well as tourists in Crete. But when you compare the two, car rental in Crete is more beneficial. Here are the points that prove why you should choose a car over ferries while traveling in and exploring the island of Crete:

1. It is all about comfort:

If you want to explore Crete in utmost comfort, choose car rental in Crete over ferries. Ferries are public transportation. You will not be able to enjoy comfort and privacy to the optimum. On the contrary, you can enjoy both comfort and privacy throughout your excursion when you choose a car.

2. Pocket-friendly prices:

Who says that car rental in Cretewill cost you a fortune? Well, not anymore. Car rental here is available at the most pocket-friendly prices. What’s even better is that you can pre-book the car using the option of online booking.

3. Explore everything at the best:

When you choose ferries over car rental in Crete, you may miss exploring certain travel spots, especially the nooks and corners and the local alleys of Crete. But it doesn’t happen when you choose the option of the car over ferries. Instead, you can take your car anywhere you want and explore Crete by road.

The above-listed comparison suggests that booking a car rental in Crete is more favorable than using a ferry. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best leads now!

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