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Compare and Choose Heraklion Airport Car Rental

If you have decided to rent a car for your holiday in Crete, then it’s time to find a Heraklion airport car rental provider. How do you choose the right company? It’s not as simple as Googling and going with the first result. If you want to pick a rental car that truly offers the best value for your money, it’s important to take into consideration different factors such as:

  1. The reliability of the rental company

You can enjoy top-notch services and well-maintained cars if you rent a vehicle from a leading Heraklion airport car rental provider. Reading customer feedback and reviews is a great way to gauge the reputation and credibility of a company you are thinking of hiring a car from. Look for at least the top three rental car providers so that you can better compare prices and deals.

  1. Deals

Rental prices vary from provider to provider. They also depend on the current supply and demand. That’s why wise travelers search for vehicles weeks before they are scheduled to arrive, checking for deals and discounts from different companies. They subscribe to car rental newsletters so that they won’t miss out on any announcements or promotions. While it takes extra time to price out different rental companies, the extra work is worth it if you really want to save money. And if you don’t have the luxury of time to be in the loop for rental car promotions, at least book in advance. Many providers offer discounts to clients who will reserve months or weeks before their trip.

  1. Fleet

This is definitely one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a Heraklion airport car rental company. It pays to check their fleet to see if they have the right vehicle for you and your group. Leading providers have a large fleet of vehicles to suit all requirements. They have manual and automatic transmissions, diesel and petrol vehicles, SUV 4×4, convertibles, vans, and even mini buses.

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