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Tips to Choose the Perfect Size of Car in Crete for Your Vacation

There are numerous cars you can choose for rent from while you are on a holiday. The right one you need to hire depends upon the people who will travel, the terrain you will cover, the distance you will travel, the weather you are likely to face and so on. The same logic also applies when you are on a vacation in Crete. The island – the largest in Greece – offers you a different terrain every few miles and you are likely to enjoy a car that fits just right and carries you to the places you want to go.

Here are some tips to choose the perfect size of car in Crete for your vacation:

It should fit the people and the luggage

Not many people think about the luggage that they will carry on their trips when they hire a rental. If you are in a large group, you are likely to have a ton of luggage but it is more than likely that you will not lug them around every day. You and your friends or family are more likely to put the heavy bags in the hotel and travel around the different places. If you are in a large group, it makes sense to hire a taxi to carry you from the port or airport to the hotel and get a smaller car that fits you all comfortably with space to carry the change of clothes you need for the day and some food, if you prefer. Hiring a large car will dent your budget and you will be paying needlessly for space you do not need.

Ensure the seats are comfortable for the kids

If you have a baby, then you should have enough space for you to fix him or her securely to the baby seat. The car should have enough space at the rear to fix the seat and to seat the other members of your family. Also, if you have children, choose a car that is a bit spacious at the back. They will not stay properly seated after two minutes of travel and you and your spouse will have a more stress-free travel if you give them space to easily open their toys and books at the back.

Consider the terrain

Go for a small car if you are not travelling beyond the main roads. In the same logic, try a larger 4-wheel drive if you want to explore beyond the main roads. Just remember that Crete is an ancient civilization and some of the towns have quite narrow streets that will not be able to fit a large 4WD. Nonetheless, a larger car will be needed if you are in a big group in which case, you should ask the hotel for any such possible problems you might face and make the travel plan accordingly.

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