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Crete, Holidays


Crete is an adventure

Rent a car at Heraklion Kazantzakis airport and drive off to the island that encapsulates the whole of Greece.

You can’t say I have been to Crete if you haven’t visited the picturesque Chania, for at least few days. Few cities in Greece can compete with the city of Chania. Try and stay in a Venetian mansion so you can feel the history. Late in the afternoon, take a  walk through the Halepa and find the tasty taverns.

In the morning travel west. Certainly a bath in exotic Elafonisi. For some people it was once an  adventure to get this far, you had to pass through the river with huge pebbles, one and a half kilometers south beach of the cedar forest, until recently the secret of free campers. Beautiful, wild and lonely.

Returning north you have to stop at the idyllic Sfinari and taste the kolochtypa(similar to lobster), make a note also to order see fresh salad: a weed that grows on the rocks of the shore. Try it, you haven’t eaten anything like that before.
Travel to Sougia a medium size fish village and walk the path to Ancient Lissos. It takes two and a half hours of walking and you can return by boat.

Have you passed the gorge of Samaria? Please do not miss this experience!
Get to Rethymnon, with a venetian and oriental aura, a combination of old and new with excellent restaurants.
Again begin to drive towards the south, the Libyan Sea, an irresistible attraction.

You pass the Kourtaliotiko canyon and do jungle trekking at Lake Preveli palm.
You slide down the dunes of Saint-Paul-Saharan landscape and dive in the turquoise waters to extinguish the fire from the hot sand.
If you like yoga try the idea of ​​Triopetra Yoga Retreat: Yoga, pilates, unforgettable sunsets and swim in the vast Triopetra beach, which overlooks the Libyan Sea.

Next Ligres. THE BEACH. Fortunately not many know the place. 7 kilometers from the village of Kerames. It is a beautiful, pebbly beach.  Try to find the place you will be amazed!

Heraklion, a busy city that never sleeps with good night life. Travel to Archanes, a beautiful traditional village with plenty of guesthouses, if not for the restaurants. In Heraklion return to visit the Archaeological Museum and the Aquarium Cretaquarium Thalassocosmos. Navigate yourself to the archaeological sites of Knossos and Phaistos.

Again the Libyan. The walk up the beach of Agiofarago lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Wait and for the last boat with tourists to depart and then it is all yours. Use your sleeping bags and notice the beautiful sky!
The ultimate relax: A weekend in Kapetaniana, in Asterousia Mountains, overlooking the South Seas.

The days go by, but Crete is not limited to one trip. Lassithi. Ride to Saint Nicholas. Trip to the mountains of Andros at the cave. A tour to the Minoan palace of Kato Zakros.
From Ierapetra, take the boat for Gaidouronisi: white sand, turquoise waters, cedar forest, ancient fossil shells. In 3 hours you are around the island on foot. Absolutely exotic, but its beauty did not stay hidden.

You can see that you need more than a life time to fill up and taste the beautiful island. Rent a car with Cretarent and try to visit as many places as you can! Ask Cretarent to mark all these places on the map that they will supply to you when renting the car!

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent, a renowned car rental company with 40 years of experience of providing car rental in Heraklion, Chania and Rethymnon, Crete. Cretarent is renowned for providing affordable car rental in Crete Island.

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