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How to Spend a Weekend in Chania, Crete

Chania is a beautiful island, and no matter how many days you spend here, it will never be enough. If you have decided to spend a weekend in Chania, you have signed up for something great! Every nook and corner of this place has mesmerising things to offer.

Also, make sure you get in touch with companies for car rental in Chania. With the freedom of movement and a beautiful place to explore, you are sure to have a good time! Here are the details to help to plan your holiday:


Chania has all kinds of stays to offer. From home stays to boutique hotels, you will get a lot of options to choose from the lot. If you wish to experience the culture closely, you must stay in a refurbished home-stay. This way, you will meet the locals, eat their food and get a closer insight into their culture.


It is a fact that you haven’t seen a place well if you haven’t tried its cuisine! Cretan food is famous for its unique flavours and local ingredients. People there are known for using their local produce, especially fresh fish, to prepare the food. Moreover, the exclusive aroma is of Cretan oil will light up your spirits!

Places to Visit


Avid wine lovers flock to Chania with a desire to taste its exquisite wines. Choose to spend a lazy afternoon engulfed in the aroma of modern wines made with age-old techniques. You must drink the local produce to let the taste give you that Chanian vibe.

Country Side

Keep a whole day safe to visit neighbouring villages like Kalyves to experience the real-life of islands. Furthermore, renting a car from the best car rental in Chania will make it easier for you to travel back and forth. It is a 4km long coastline with endeavouring natural beauty untouched by any commercialisation. 

All this can be conveniently planed and done with a perfect rental car to drive. You wouldn’t have to wait for the local transport, no struggle to get the tickets and you stop and stare wherever you want! Pack your bags and get your car from the car rental in Chania, as this Greek beauty awaits you.

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