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Car rental Crete, Crete


Hire a car in Crete with no credit card








Rent a car and pay upon arrival only in cash

Many companies present the tourists with a highly developed booking system but underneath they “rip off” your credit cards with secret commissions and over charges, usually written in small lettering at the very end of the page.

At Cretarent you can hire a car without using a credit card.  You can pay cash on your arrival and even when booking your car, you are not required to use the credit card at all. Cretarent offer many services that will help you in choosing the car of your choice. 24/7 service is provided if a person is lost on the road, free kilometers are also given and free baby seats and child boosters at your request.

Some people hesitate in giving their credit card numbers but when you hire a car in Crete with our company there is an option that you only pay cash when you reach the Iraklion airport or any other destination you prefer. There are so many hiring locations that Cretarent offers for their clients and makes easy the process of hiring a car in Crete at any place around the Cretan island.
Our cars are well maintained all the time and are in excellent condition. The passengers need not worry in case of an accident because the cars are fully insured and you wouldn’t have to be anxious about it at all. The cars are delivered on time and you get free kilometers from our companies. A luggage rack may also be given to you and you would not be charged extra even for a second driver. If your car breaks down then you would be given another car as quickly as possible so that your time is not wasted in waiting for your car to be repaired. You blink your eyes and lo and behold! You’ve hired a car in Crete! All you need to do is fill an online form with details of the car of your choice and then you’ve booked your car which will receive you warmly at the airport, port or at your hotel even before you reach; and you get all that without the use of a credit card. Cretarent also provide you with a road map and a guide map for Crete so that there are a lot less chances of you getting lost on the island. Although the services offer you help in case you are cannot find your way or if you are lost but to facilitate you, they do include the maps. Often lists of good sites to visit and good places to eat are given so that you are able to enjoy your trip here even more.

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent.

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