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5 Cretan Cuisines You Must Try!

The beautiful Cretan Island is famous not only for crystal clear water, clean beaches, and popular museums but also for its food. The food culture of Crete is popular all over the world. As a result, you can explore a variety of cafes and restaurants and try relishing some of the most amazing local delicacies of the island. You can hire a car in Crete and visit the local cafes and restaurants located anywhere on the island. We have made the task easier for you. Listed below are the five most famous Cretan cuisines that you must try to have an amazing Cretan food experience:

1. Dakos:
Dakos is one of the most sought-after cuisines that you can try in Crete. This cuisine has chopped tomato, fresh cheese, olive oil, and herbs placed on the top of a rusk. Olive oil is largely used in the cuisines here, and Dakos is the finest example of the same. You will love eating this dish over any bruschetta, we promise.

2. Kalitsounia:
Hire a car in Crete and visit the local cafes and restaurants to relish the lip-smacking Kalitsounia. This dish is a cheese pie that is most commonly eaten during Easter but remains available for tasting throughout the year. The hand-made pastry is shaped in small cups and is further filled with fresh sweet cheese. Interestingly, the type of cheese can change depending on the region you are eating in.

3. Fried Snails:
Locally known as ChochlioiBoubouristi, they are an extremely popular cuisine option among non-vegetarians. The snails are caught and fried with flour in hot olive oil. They are then doused with wine and are ready to eat.

4. Cretan Salad:
Cretan salad is a staple for the locals and is equally famous among tourists. This salad is similar to the classic Greek Salad. It is served with soft cheese. Some of the common ingredients present in this salad include tomatoes, egg, potatoes, and zucchini. You can hire a car in Crete and visit different eateries to eat Cretan salad served in different styles.

5. Paximadi:
Paximadi is another popular cuisine option that you must try here. The dish is basically a rusk made using wheat or barely. Paximadi is made with or without yeast, sourdough, or whole grain.
Hire a car in Crete and visit all the big and small eateries to taste the above-listed cuisines. You will love them for sure!

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