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Packing for Crete

car rental packing for CreteIf you are planning to visit Crete, the largest and the most beautiful island of Greece, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you land in Crete. Crete is known for the beautiful beaches and the contrasting nature of the landscapes adds to its attractiveness. Crete is synonymous with sea, beaches and the sun. Particularly during summer, the sun and the heat can be nasty and you need to do packing for Crete accordingly.

If you are wondering what to pack for your impending Crete island visit, then here you can find a comprehensive list of all essential items that is a must have if you are on Crete island. Keeping in mind the heat and the scorching power of the sun rays, carrying a good sun block with high UV protection is the order of the day. In terms of attire the usual beach apparels like shorts, sandals, skirts, sunglasses and the like are preferable. Mosquito repellants and ant repellants are a must have if you are on Crete island. If you do not want to be the victim of the ubiquitous problem of mosquitoes and ants then carrying repellants is your best bet.

If you are a gadget “freak”, don’t forget your power converters for your IPhone or Android phone. But even if you forget your chargers or any other type of electronic equipment there are loads of tech shops in the main cities, Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon and Agios Nikolaos that will assist you. Now days most car hire in Crete companies have mp3 players in their vehicles and AUX connection plugs for your inseparable device!

Travelling to Crete should always be light. It is advisable to ditch the massive suitcases and go for trendy rucksacks. If you love wandering on foot or hiking on a mountain then make sure that you are carrying good quality shoes. Whether you are camping or going on a trek, take plenty of fluids with you. Crete can sap off your energy if you are not armed with protective measures to guard you against the scorching sun, heat and the mosquitoes. So if you are heading towards Crete then put on our sun block, shorts and the flip flops and have a wonderful time.

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent, a well-known car hire in Crete Heraklion based company with 40 years of skill in car rental in Heraklion.

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