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Hire A Car In Crete with Cretarent's car rental services, and enjoy the breathtaking views of this beautiful island.

You can hire or rent a car in Crete from our wide variety of cars and minibuses available for rent at economical prices. Even after booking, you’ll need not to pay any cancellation fee. We have no hidden extras or costs. We also provide child seat free of charge.

The main aim of our company is to provide you with a selection of cars that are ideal for your holidays. We include small town cars to extra-luxurious vehicles, to make your stay in Crete as exciting and comfortable as possible. If you need to rent a car in Heraklion, Rethymnon, Chania, Agios Nicolaos, Lasithi, Elounda, Hersonissos or Gouves, then we are here to help you 24 hours and 7 days a week.


Hire A Car In Crete
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Car rental Crete

hire a car in crete

One of the best destinations in Greece is the island of Crete and fascinates travellers from all over the world each year. The motives are obvious: beautiful mountain scenery, long idyllic beaches with gemstone like clear waters, buzzy towns and hospitable traditional villages, scenic harbours, high class Mediterranean cuisine, the ancient Greece and the birth place of democracy! Crete is positioned in the southern part of Greece and has 4 main zones: Heraklion the capital, Chania the second larger, Rethymnon and Lassithi. In Crete, where guests will find two types to choose from: tourist beach resorts that offer plenty of accommodation and equipment, and quaint villages with simple rooms for rent and traditional Cretan life. In Crete, visitors will be impressed by the number and beauty of deep blue sandy beaches and crystal clear emerald waters with the blue colour. Some of these beaches are equipped while others are-let. Book now

Car hire Heraklion

Car Rental Heraklion

The regional section of Heraklion is located in central-eastern part of Crete. Eastern borders with Lasithi and west with the prefecture of Rethymno, on the north coast of the Cretan Sea and south of the Libyan Sea. Has an area of 2,641 square kilometers. Regional section of Heraklion is the most economically developed region of Crete and one of the most prolific of Greece. The great civilization that flourished in the Cretan land bequeathed wonderful samples of the material and spiritual wealth. Heraklion has important mythological, historical and archaeological interest. The Minoan civilization was developed with the wide influence and privileged position in the entire Mediterranean area. This place has been marked by hard conquest games, ranging from Roman times. The strategic location of the county, and fertile as the central part of the island, always excited the ambitions of several would-be conquering neighboring peoples.( Read more)
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Rent Car Rethymnon

Car Hire Rethymnon

The regional unit has protefgousa Rethymno Rethymnon which is built on a par with the ancient Rithymna or Rithymna or Rithymna. The historians wrote that the existence of the city starting from the 5th-4th century. BC and is mainly silver and copper coins, which bore on one side of the head of Apollo or Athena and the other trident or two dolphins or goat. By cutting these currencies appears to have been developed city with a sizeable trade. Maybe have developed relations with the Ptolemies who had to rename Arsinoe. Information in t Byzantine period are considered very poor.Book now

Car rentals Chania

Car Rental Chania
In the west part of Crete are Chania with a range of about 2,400 square kilometers. Most of the county is mountainous, with the main mountain massif of the White Mountains, so named because the peaks are always snow-covered throughout the year. The most famous places near Chania are Sfakia, Kandanos, loutro, Paleochora. The greatest blue sea waters are in Falassarna a place about 20 km. from Kissamos. Try and visit this place. There are Roman and Minoan sites for people looking for archeological information.(Read more).
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Rent a car Agios Nikolaos

Car Rental Agios Nikolaos
Agios Nikolaos is the capital of Lasithi with population of about 5000 residents.It is a picturesque city with good climate and wonderful beaches. Hire a car in Agios Nikolaos and explore the aqua blue, Beaches,Book now

Rent a car Lasithi

Car Rental Lasithi

Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Ierapetra, Sitia are just a few towns in the Lassithi prefecture. It is situated almost 70 km from Hraklio.The route is fantastic and the visitor can admire some picturesque villages.Traditional villages, tourist resorts and towns located in the prefecture of Lasithi. All kind of accommodation and tourist facilities available in cities and the busy beach resorts of the county. In the mountain villages just a few rooms for rent are available and are the best place for those who want to live a traditional lifestyle. The Tzermiado is one of the most picturesque villages. Book now

Rent a car Elounda

Car Rental Elounda The pretty village of Elounda is located on the northern coast of Crete in Greece. It 'just 6 km from the seaside resort of Aghios Nikolaos and has a beach of fine sand and pebbles and bustling harbor. Elounda holidays offer a taste of tradition with all the comforts of a modern beach resort. Elounda Beaches are perfect for couples and family holidays with crystal clear waters and soft sand and pebble beach with plenty of space to pitch a beach umbrella and relax in the sun. Book now

Rent a car Hersonissos

Car Rental Hersonissos
Hersonissos, Heraklion famous and popular tourist resort of Hersonissos is located 27 km east of Heraklion on the north coast of the prefecture. He always has a lot of people offering all kinds of facilities to thousands of visitors.It has a large sandy beach stretching many kilometers and palm trees and crystal blue waters. Book now

Rent a car Gouves

Car Rental Gouves
Gouves, Heraklion This beautiful sandy beach located 20 km east of Heraklion on the north coast of the prefecture. Gouves has received awards from the EU the Blue Flag for its clean golden sand and crystal clear waters and the amenities offered to visitors. Recreation centers, sports shops, car lease, taverns, restaurants and accommodations of all categories is available in the modern tourist resort of Kato Gouves, behind the beach. Several bars and clubs are scattered throughout the resort and the surrounding area. Book now


Reasons for renting a car from a family owned car hire company.

1. A family owned car hire company treats every client as an individual and tries to find the best car for their needs and their budget.

2. Our representatives will take care of any of your concerns and treat you with the reverence and importance they deserve.

3. We care about each rental and value it.

4. Our representatives value each rental and strive for its successful outcome. That is for the customers to feel welcomed and satisfied.

5. We have many repeat customers who choose us year after year. Our aim is for each rental to be important and to rent with us again on their next travel to Crete.

6. We treat each car rental with the utmost importance, as it is very important to us. It is our family business.

7. Our fleet of cars are well looked after and serviced, year after year. That is to ensure that our renters are very satisfied with their rental.

8. As a family owned car hire company we must research the car hire market and our goal is to offer very competitive yet affordable prices.

9. Our representatives' aims are to provide great client service with punctuality and satisfy all reasonable clients' needs.

10. A family owned car rental company looks after their clients and attempt to establish a friendship, (Cretarent have client friends from all over the world that continue to rent cars in with as every summer season).

Special Offers


Cretarent gives a 5% coupon for bookings confirmation over 300 euros! (Link)

A 3% discount for bookings over 23 Days!

We also have a 3% discount for pre bookings three month in advance!(OUR 3% DISCOUNT OFFERS DO NOT APPLY ON AUGUST AND ON THE DISCOUNT SEASON PERIOD)

And our Discount Season from 11 September till 31 March with "BIG" discount!

Extra Charges

There will be an extra charge ( 20 euros ) for delivering the car to Rethymnon / Rethymnon Port / Rethymnon hotel within city limits and an extra charge ( 30 euros ) for delivering the vehicle to Chania / Chania Airport / Chania Port / Chania hotel within city limits, Elounda or Elounda hotel within city limits, Sitia and Sitia hotel within city limits.

*There are No Extra Charge/ Fees for delivering/Pick up the car from Heraklion Airport (Kazantzakis), Heraklion Port or to Heraklion hotels within city limits!

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