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Looking to rent a minibus in Crete? At Cretarent we can hire minibus cars at a really economical price. Our fleet of minibuses and bases all over the Cretan island will guarantee you have an enjoyable experience when renting with Cretarent. Cretarent offers minibuses in a range of sizes and brands to satisfy all your needs, including 7 to 10 seat vehicles. Our minibuses are available throughout Crete at cheap rates. Rent a minibus in Crete online for even lower prices. When renting a Minibus from Cretarent car hire in Crete you can be certain that you will collect a brand new minibus preserved to the highest standard. Renting a minibus sometimes can be much cheaper than hiring a normal car and you get the auxiliary benefit of being able to do what you want when you want to!
Please have a look at our minibus rental prices.

You can split the car rental price between you and your friends so the minibus rental will be cheaper than renting two or even three smaller cars. Don't forget the fun part of the ride: all your friends or family members in one place for laughs and stories... And of course there is the large space for your luggage! With the new technology in minibus engines the petrol cost is lower and there are diesel minibuses to lower the cost even more. When renting a minibus from Cretarent have in mind that the driver must be over 23 years old and have detained a full licence for at least 3 years.

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