Driving Tips When Renting A Car In Crete

Check the Residential Restrictions Speed

The speed restrictions in Crete are about 50 kilometres (32 mph) in the city centre and suburban areas, about 80 kilometres (52 mph) on small roads and about 100-120 kilometres (63 to 76 mph) on main Highways all over Crete. These are important information as you should take note of the speed restrictions and limits from the local signs positioned on the highways of your journey. The speed restrictions differs so be alert. The speed is watched at numerous hidden areas with the latest technology, and in other parts, there are cameras which observe these limits.

Tighten your Safety Seat belt

We strongly recommend all customers travelling in a car to fasten a seat belt and wear it at all times. Children and babies must be put in their own booster seats, baby seats to protect them from harm. The safety of the seat belt is very important and should be for passengers as airbags are only effective when seat belts are used.

Park only where it's Permitted

You must Park only in selected parking areas, where it is only permitted. Parking in a prohibited road/place will outcome in a parking fine and sometimes if the area is forbidden for park your car, there is a potential license plate removal or pulling away the rental. Don't park on a disabled parking space! Try not to block other vehicle. A valid parking area is available in several Heraklion locations.

Please Don't Drink when Driving

It is illegal to drive under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. The limit for alcohol intoxication is 0.05 per cent. If any driver is caught driving intoxicated above this alcohol limit, will have to pay a hefty fine and in some cases may be arrested. The tests are carried out by police officers using a breath detector.

Do not leave valuables or baggage in your rental car

If it is necessary store all suitcases and valuable items in the trunk, where they are not visible by passers-by. There have been instances where customer's suitcases have been stolen while the car rental was placed in a parking spot in a highly populated area.

Choosing the correct car hire for your journeys

When choosing a car group limit your search by looking up web car images and explanation if the general car space you will require is sufficient to travel securely and with luxury. Also make sure to check whether there is enough boot space for your entire luggage. You are welcome to evaluate all car details and vehicle trunk size by selecting with your mouse on the group car you wish.

Know your Signs and read your Maps

All the road signs in Greece are translated in the English language. Our busy High Way roads and Greek Main Roads have road signs which are readable both in English and Greek. Enhanced and power efficient road lighting, road signs in bigger dimension, new tunnels, and led traffic signs that direct warnings to car drivers are just a small number of the innovative improvements. We will supply road maps of the Cretan island, so don't hesitate to ask our representative for any enquiries you might have or road directions to your desired route.

Did we indicate?

In the unfortunate event you collect any fines don't forget to give the fine to the Cretarent representative when returning the car. Cretarent will give you all the necessary information.

Bring your CD's and mp3 players

All our cars have CD-players and most os them are supplied with usb connection for mp3 players and mobile/tablet devises, so that you can enjoy your collection of music while traveling.

Rent a Gps Navigator

Perhaps the biggest problem for a visitor driver is to find the correct and shorter position to a destination you are going to. Especially if you need to travel to a specific place based on a specific address, the best thing is to use a GPS Navigator. Cretarent offers brand new updated Gps Navigator (TOM-TOM) and (Navv) at really economical prices! Try to inspire yourself to travel the Cretan way, and be happy with a safe and calming holiday, while you still have flexibility around this beautiful and irreplaceable island.