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Heraklion is the most populous province of Crete and it's the capital as well. Heraklion is one of the most densely populated cities. The tourist zone of Heraklion is the most developed, with international standard hotels and a large number of visiting tourists throughout the year. The central parts of the county are among the most blessed of our country, with vast plains, with crops of every kind. Tourists, however, appreciated the wild, pristine beaches in the south, the monuments of the Minoan civilization at Knossos and Phaistos and hot nights fun, on the north coast.

heraklion at night

Heraklion is always trying to find the edge through the narrow and busy streets, your memory comes the story of Ariadne and the Minotaur in the Labyrinth. In recent years, however, an effort has begun to change for the better, some parts of the city that require persistent facelift. The most striking change is the appearance of the area west of the harbor, where they recently renovated the monastery church St Peter and Paul. Work continues on the coastal zone, even today, and the appearance of the city reformed. It is advisable, however, choose not to drive around the city, but leave it to any of the parking lot, located in the courtyard of the castle.

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How to get to Heraklion

The airport of Heraklion is located at the eastern exit of town. There are flights daily from Athens to Thessaloniki Santorini Rhodes Mykonos Paros. For ferry schedules, this year is the perfect timing for visitors. Three different companies (Minoan, Anek and Superfast Ferries) operating services to and from Heraklion and competition has led to a "crazy" deals. Just look for a little time and book your tickets.

Heraklion Local cuisine

In the city and the villages of Heraklion, the authentic Cretan cuisine is offered. Enjoy lamb and goat meat in a pot, fried snails, rabbit stew, Duck and, of course, the unique Cretan cheese, the cheese, cooked with olive oil accompanied by the Cretan wine and raki for digestion. What you buy from Iraklion Of course, products of the Cretan land will be a first preference. Buy olive oil, wine, raki (enough to find the right "master"), olives, and nuts, noodles, trahana. In the villages you will find textiles and pottery art.