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Hire a Car in Crete on Winter Season


Rent a car in Crete on winter seasonSummer or Winter season?

People, who plan to visit Crete, usually choose the summer months to do so. This is because in that time there are no bad weather, or snow falls and thus you can expect to enjoy all your holidays completely. However, this may not a good idea all the time as in the summer months, the weather of Crete is really becomes very hot and the temperature remains on and above 35°C. This may not turn out to be pleasant to you and thus you may not the visit to Crete as much as you should. Now, this is one of the various reasons for which it is advisable to all to visit Crete in the winter season. This helps you to enjoy the beauty of Crete in a new way.

Those who live in or visited Crete in November, know well that on autum Crete transformed. The green grass mat forming, spreads everywhere and Crete seems to evoke the summer dormancy. In Crete, nature seems to be going through the less active period in the summer. The vegetation is minimal and the landscape looks like a desert, especially in the south coast. Of course we must not forget how many fruits and vegetables produced in the summer.
The September in Crete essentially is not “autum”, but much more like “breezy” summer. All months in the island are still warm and quite dry. The temperature during the day reaches 20-30 degrees Celsius, while at night you may need an extra outfit for the slight chill. Usually the strong winds blow over the summer and the days are becoming shorter. In September the first rains occur but there are some winters when there is little or no rain at all. In October the sea is more calm, the temperature is around 25 degrees and days are even smaller. On the beaches there is still enough people. Rains fall, but not often. November is the most ‘autumn’ month in Crete with several first rains and cold days. There are many peaceful and sunny days with temperatures reaching 20-22 degrees to the coast and on the mountains high above we will see the first fall snow.

However, as it is not the time when tourists usually visit Crete, it is very easy to get a rented car there in the winter season. The hotels and apartments are remain free for lack of rush of travelers. Now, in this situation, Cretarent is such a company which helps you to find a car on rent in very little cost. They offer varieties of cars all over the year and they will pick you from any place, like – airport or, from your hotel and so on. In winter time, they use to offer you various discounts as well. Due to the lack of tourist in the winter time, the car hire in Crete services are become cheaper. Also, the scenario is completely different from the summer time as well. This is one of the major causes for which one should visit Crete in winter rather than summer. So, if you are planning to visit Crete, go there in winter months and hire a car from Cretarent to get amazing discounts of offer for you.

 About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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