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Best Free camping places in Crete

camping places in Crete

Get your rental car and find the best free camping places in Crete!

Generally free camping is forbidden in Crete and often-persecuted-by port police. But fortunately there are some small secret corners away from adjoining hotels and cosmopolitan places.We don’t need many things to carry with you, with or without a tent, a sleeping bag or just a sheet, with or without a swimsuit. Free! Go as you please, just do not forget water, a flashlight and something to eat. And of course whatever we caring with us, we have always to take it back with us… These are a few memorable and exciting places to spend a night under the stars!

Free camping places in CreteAgiofarago

This must be One of the most popular beaches and secluded camping in the south of Heraklion. Favorite place for the climbers but also for all those who are seeking peace and tranquility. Agiofarango is about 80km from the city of Heraklion is located southwest of Asterousia. So get your rental car in Heraklion and travel southwest till you pass the village of Shiva and the Odigitria Monastery, then turn left and follow the dirt road until you see a sign on the right. Park your car and lock the doors, keep the key somewhere safe! The small canyon starts just below and descends to the beautiful beach which is surrounded by vertical rock cliffs of limestone; it will take you about 15-20 minutes hiking. If you are not fun of walking you can go with the boat from Agia Galini, something i would not recommend since you’ll lose all the magic..

One of the most beautiful spots of Agiofarago is called Vourvoulitis. Climb the left, a small inconspicuous and inaccessible path until you reach the top of the rocks. A little further down, there is a little blue lake waiting for a truly eerie and utterly unforgettable dive in the clear blue waters, illuminated by an underground cave. Yes, like this is cut out from the movie “Blue Lake”.

Tip: Take all your necessities, ie food and water, because the well that is located outside the church just before the exit of the gorge has only brackish water, and try not to set up your tent in just under the rocks because goats that pass continuously over can throw stones! Another secret to the ultimate peace of Agiofarago is not to travel there on any way on weekend times. Then the boats from Agia Galini unload hordes of people on the beach and this beautiful place is transformed according to the custom of the classic Greek tourists, if you know what I mean.



Another beautiful beach in the “logic” of Agiofarago is Martsalo. To reach it, you have to do the same route with your rented car up Odigitria monastery and instead of turn left in Agiofarago, turn right until you find the appropriate label. Now attention, car or your bike will be on treacherous canyon roads. Please if you hire a car from Heraklion drive really slowly and with caution on these narrow roads, you don’t want to call the owner of the rental company asking to come and help you if something wrong happens to the car! Follow the direction indicated by the sign until you reach the top of the canyon that will lead you to one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete. Twenty minutes carefree and beautiful hiking await you and the canyon path will surely seduce you. Here you will find one of the largest colonies self-sown in the prefecture of Heraklion, the palm of Theophrastus. Soon even the small (or large) discomfort have been rewarded with an unforgettable swim in the crystal waters of the beach Martsalo


Gorge  Chochlakies

For those who like walking, one of the best solutions is probably in Lasithi. The Chochlakies Gorge, which starts from the village 8 km south of Palaikastro is a beautiful, “snakelike” canyon that most of the time cooled by a small stream and ends at an incredible attractiveness beach, this place can offer you outside of the clear waters are endowed with trees that generously offered their invaluable shade during hot summer afternoons. To cross it you will need 2 hours and you must have the foresight to have purchased water and food.

Tip: In the gorge there are small climbing routes for climbing initiates.

Anyone who wants to do free camping in Crete, has really “countless” options. If you desire to tour the south of the prefecture of Heraklion Asterousia will be presented with coves and canyons as if someone created for that very reason. But Even if you navigate further to the west throughout this vast coastline, south of the White Mountains that crosses the E4 European path you will not be disappointed … quite the opposite! From Agia Roumeli up to the Phoenix, “infinite” points for such nights and such days are patiently waiting to explore them. The Domata and St. Paul is one of them to visit and explore, if you are in the mood and if your feet bear it…

Will you remember me … Happy diving!

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent.

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