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What is the Best Way to Rent a Car When Traveling to Chania?

There are numerous options for you to rent a car when you are travelling to Chania, the second largest city in Crete.

Read on to find an option that suits you to enjoy your Crete holiday.

Renting from Chania airport or port

There are quite a few car rental companies with offices in Chania airport or the port. You can fly into the airport and look up the different rental companies to see what they offer. Some of the better companies offer good deals and a range of cars that you can pick and choose.

Also, since the town is relatively closer to the mainland than Heraklion, a lot of ferry services come here. The port is another good place for you to rent a car for your holiday in Crete.

Renting from Heraklion airport or port

This is similar to hiring from Chania, and you can try this option if you are landing first in the capital city in your holiday. The professional car rental companies have offices in Heraklion as well as in Chania, and you can opt to pick up a new car there if you decide to leave your Heraklion rental in the city and take the ferry or bus to Chania. The new rental would be waiting for you when you land at the port or bus station, and you only have to pick the keys from the local office. If you prefer, the rental company will also send someone from whom you can collect the keys.

Booking online

Some car rental companies in Crete let you book your Chania rental by simply placing a request online. Their websites contain all the information you need from the type and number of cars they have to the documents you need to carry. You can simply choose from among the available cars and submit your request. You can also place a request for a special luxury car that they may have in their fleet but which is not available when you make the booking. The car rental company will make sure you have the car waiting for you when you land in Chania.

A few of the professionally managed car rental companies offer great discounts during certain seasons. You should definitely take advantage of such deals and ensure you get the most competitive rates for yourself.

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