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Car hire in Crete vs. public transportation

This summer, if you have planned for a family trip to Crete, then you would surely want to face the dilemma of choosing between public transportation and car hire. When this happens, you will probably look after the pros and cons for each option. Car hire in Crete is a feasible option for tourists. No matter if it’s an individual or a family trip, hiring a car should be the priority for tourists. Visitors can better understand the need of hiring a car, when they are arrive at the Heraklion Kazantzakis Airport, or at Chania airport and they are looking for some transport service to get to their hotel. To avoid this from happening, a visitor should better pre-book a rent car in Heraklion airport.


Relying on public transportation will not be a nice option to get started with your trip. However, if you have been in contact with a car rental company in Crete, then the rental company will have a car ready and waiting for you with a Gps navigator installed or a map of the island. Everything will be arranged for the entire visit. A car hire will let you take full advantage of the time that you have taken out for your visit. Choosing public transportation over car hire will be risky, and you’ll always be surrounded with hassle throughout your trip. Hiring a car will let visitors to unwind and relax.

Pros & Cons of public transportation in Crete

Crete, when it comes to public transport services, there is a large spread out network covering all major attractions and other parts of the island. And the price that you have to pay is quite low and reasonable compared to other European countries, the condition and type of the buses are brand new with a/c and all other main facilities. The main disadvantage is that the public buses won’t reach out to remote areas. In summer periods some famous destinations are really crowded and at the same time the buses traveling to these places are packed with people. Paying small amount of money from time to time will give you the impression that public buses and services cost less but that’s a myth, if you add all the tickets together it will give you the rental price of a car. Another negative is that the transport network will only be active for a particular part of the island. Nowadays the transport services are always on time but you have to stick to the timetable (if you are late you have to wait!). The public buses limit visitors from exploring the areas surrounding the island.

Car hire price in Crete

Everyone can afford to hire a car in Crete, because obviously the prices are pretty reasonable, and car hire companies are all over the Cretan island. The competition is fearce and the prices are low. Companies that provide services for car rental in Heraklion will always present the visitors with a collection of renowned and brand cars that they can take on rent. Economical options are there for those who have a limited budget. Seasonal offers are also given to tourists. The tourists accounts for the convenience that they will get, just by hiring a car. Either you are traveling alone, or with your partners or family members, hiring a car has to be chosen over public transportation. So rent a car and go wherever you want! Time is on your side.

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Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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