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A Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide To Car Rentals In Chania

For the first time, car rental Chania can be scary and exciting simultaneously. A car rental opens up a world of possibilities when you travel, but there are some problems you would want to avoid.

Points to consider before renting a car

  • You would need a driver’s license.

The first thing that the agent will ask to see is driver’s license. A photocopy will not cut it, and a prepaid card won’t work either. You might be able to rent a car with a debit card, but it is likely to create some hassles.

  • Rates are same for young drivers

Renters under the age of 25 will not encounter daily, age-related fees on rentals, which cannot exceed the cost of the rental car. Young drivers don’t need to pay more by the rental car company unless the renter has booked and asked for some special service.

  • You can overpay for car rental insurance

A large portion of the car rental contract concerns what happens if the vehicle is in an accident and who is responsible for covering the costs of damage. Before car rental Chania, you should do the homework and find out whether the car insurance you have on your car covers rental cars, and whether the credit card includes coverage for rental cars.

What to do when you pick up the rental car?

  • Respect return and pickup timings

Rental car reservations are guaranteed for the assigned pickup time. Early pick up or late return, and the rate might get changed. Know that the staff won’t keep the office open for you if you are arriving late.

  • Bring your credit card, ID and confirmation number

The rental company will ask to see your credit card and driving license. It is always safer to have the rental confirmation handy.

  • Inspect the vehicle

Before you get in the car and drive off the lot, inspect the interior, glass, and exterior of the vehicle. Take pictures of any scratches or damage that you find and ask the company to record it before you leave.

While there might seem like a lot of rules and conditions while renting a car, it’s for a good reason. While it’s essential to have adequate car rental insurance if something goes wrong, most likely, your car rental Chania experience will be free from the incident.

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