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How to choose a Holiday destination for families

The age of children, but also the parents needs are key factors.

There is no perfect place, as there is no right age for a child to start traveling. Santorini for example, is not a destination synonymous with family vacations, but we know some who have gone to great family-friendly apartments, with the beach and great restaurants within walking distance. Rhodes can be an island ideal for family holidays, but if you do not choose the right hotel, you become a hassle – and so forth.

The age of children is one of the key factors that will determine your choice. Try to balance your needs with those of the children. Most likely you will have to make some concessions to avoid trouble later. Consult your teenage son regarding any choice you are going to take, because you will be the ones to suffer afterwords. Do not go with small children in your favorite Cycladic Island where the car does not reach the beach, because that lovely path shown on a postcard can turn to torture…

If your children are old enough to participate in choosing the holiday destination, put them into play immediately. Open the map of Crete on the living room table and organize a team game – the best way to plan your trip is setting goals and everybody has to disagree. Visit a bookshop and select the best travel guides, books, depending on the type of trip planning, albums with photos, historical tributes and anything else that will be of interest to your children. If you plan to go abroad, buy a handy little dictionary with the basic vocabulary of the country you are visiting and put the children before the trip journey, helping them to practice their knowledge. Organize at home night documentaries on DVD with friends and finally have your children dream about the journey.

Traveling by car is safer when traveling with small children than by public transport, as the sometimes unpredictable behavior can annoy others or put you in situations of embarrassment. Be sure to choose an independent family hotel with family rooms – it’s not right to keep awake all night, the occupant of the adjacent room…

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent, a car rental company with 40 years of experience in Heraklion, Crete.

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