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Rent a car in Heraklion port

hire a car in Heraklion portCrete is the largest among the Greek islands and Heraklion is the largest city in this island. Due to the huge natural and cultural beauty of Crete, this island has become a craze among the tourism freaks from all over the world. Heraklion is the gateway used by the tourists to get entrance to the island of Crete

Heraklion has an international airport and a port for the entrance to the island. Almost 80 % of the total tourists in Crete enter through using either the port or airport of the Iraklion. The internal communication for the tourists inside the island solely depends upon the personalized hired cars. To meet the needs of the tourists, large number of care hire companies has been grown up in this island.

Since Heraklion port is the main entrance for the tourists to the country of Crete, the most of the car hires in Crete are done at this port. Almost every big car hire agencies in the island have their agents placed in the Heraklion port so that they can catch the potential customers as soon as they step upon the land. Rent a car is the most common signboard that a tourist can find after reaching the Heraklion port. Every type of cars is available for rent at the Heraklion port. From the costly Mercedes to the small Maruti cars, Car Rent agencies at Heraklion have each variety of cars at their hand. It must be noted that the jeep or SUV is the most popular car for hiring for the purpose of tourism inside the island of Crete. However, the car hiring agencies of Heraklion more or less cost properly for renting a car. But the tourists should also be careful about some of the mischievous agents, who are trying to make a big percentage from the amount of money given by the customers.

Rent a car in Heraklion port from Cretarent and visit the main city of the island only 5 minutes away, explore the diversity of sensations that this beautiful island has to offer!

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Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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