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Car rental Crete


One Must Go Through the Car Rental Policies before Hiring a Car

Renting a car or a van or an RV is a good way to enjoy a holiday. Most domestic and international airports provide rent-a-car services that tourist can opt for to travel around. People can also book a car online before they start on their trip.

Among various factors that people should look into such as make, model, luggage space, etc. there is another important aspect that often gets overlooked while selecting a car rental. This is the car rental policy. It is a must for tourists and business travellers to read these rental policies in full before signing any paperwork or making any advance payment.

These policies vary from country to country and even from company to company. Therefore, being the buyer of a service, you have to be conscious of what you are getting and what your responsibilities are. Understanding a policy in full will help avoid any trouble in the middle of your vacation or business tour.

What Car Rental Policies Cover

  • Documents to Produce before Renting a Car: All policies clearly mention the documents to be produced such as the copies of passport, driving license, hotel address, number of people visiting and their age, gender, etc. Some countries may also require some more specific details
  • Fuel: Besides going through the policies, interact with the dealers about their gas policy. Most of them opt with the fill-tank agreement which means you will have to pay for the fuel used. Sometimes, they may ask you to keep a track on the distance travelled and charge you later for the gas consumed. Learn if they have tie-ups with certain gas stations who may give you discounts or provide other services such as car cleaning at reduced prices
  • Accident and Insurance Policies: Knowledge of accident and insurance policies will help you in a foreign land if you ever land in a mishap. Keep copies of pictures and documents of the vehicle’s previous accidents to protect yourself from any problem. Also, keep the emergency numbers handy.

If you are in Crete, opt for car rental companies that provide detailed information on their policies to their users.

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