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Trip to Elafonisi Beach with a Rental Car


How to Travel to Elafonisi beach.

Greece is known for her ancient civilization that is considered the oldest in whole of Europe. People flock to its shore to experience the relics of its rich and vibrant past. The relics of the classical age offer a remarkable sight. However, there is one other thing to Greece that is a leading crowd puller. It is the stunning beaches and the pristine waters of its shore.

They are popular among the honeymoon couples, as well as, family tourist groups. One of the most popular is the island of Crete, which local people call as the gem of Greece. One of the most popular of Crete’s beaches is the Elafonisi beach, which is located in the south west coast of the Chania prefecture. It is widely accessible from the Chania city. Elafonisi has a memorable plaque in memory of women and children who were slaughtered there by the Ottoman soldiers.

The beach is the ideal place for the family groups especially those with small children because the water hardly tops a meter in depth. Because of the shallow waters people can cross to the islet with ease. This remote islet has the cleanest and most tempting water colors because of its coral sand, it takes a strange pink shade, creating one of the World’s most beautiful beaches.

Elafonisi is a magical place with beautiful white and pink sandy beaches. It is about an hour and a half by car from the Chania city. The roads are decent but it is extremely easy to get lost. The best option is hire from the numerous car rental companies that offer rental services. Always opt for a reliable rental company because they provide cars in excellent driving condition. The driver of the rented car is knowledgeable of the local landmarks and roads. They can aid you in finding the best location on the beach. There is nothing to worry about the lack of parking space because there is enough space to park rental cars. Cheap car rental services in Crete never provide cars with empty fuel tank. Car rental services can also aid in finding the best accommodation because they are familiar with hotels in the region.

Elafonisi beach can be the perfect paradise for the tourists. They can indulge in sunbathing under the warm Crete sun. They can take a soothing walk on the tranquil beach. There are beautiful tiny structures or churches, all whitewashed, that they could peek in. the trip to this place can help soothe the bruised and tattered nerves of incessant city life. Choose a suitable car rental company and enjoy driving on the coastline, while enjoying a setting sun against the sky and the sea. It can be trip worth remembering for the rest of the life.

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Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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