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Saving money on your summer holidays







How to save money on your summer holidays in Crete

Everyone may have plan for visiting tourist location every year during holidays. Before plan for travel to your destination we must know how to save money in travel expenditures. No one wants to waste money but most of the people are not aware of how to save money. Saving money help us to buy some gifts for relatives and extend our enjoyment during our stay rather than just spending more money.

We all are aware that during holidays travel booking is very rush and most of time our reservation ends unsuccessful. Booking at last minute is costlier than normal charges. For example, if you would have planned earlier to travel to particular place through air travel, you could have booked tickets a month before or at least 2 weeks before our saving is 30-50 percent of total air ticket fare. Instead choosing first class choosing economical class is wiser we could save 50 percent compare with economical air fare.

If your home is far from airport and you are coming to airport by own vehicle, you must park your vehicle at airport parking lot or paid private parking which is costlier if you are going for a week travel. You can consider the following options to reach airport. You can ask your friend to pick up from home and drop you at airport or you can use public transport facility to reach airport or you can hire a vehicle. You must reach airport at least 3 hours before to avoid missing flight. If you miss the flight, whole money will be drained and money cannot be refunded. Start earlier to avoid stuck up like traffic signals and waiting for alternative transport facilities.

Do not carry heavy luggage since you always need someone’s support to carry and you need to pay money for it. You also have to pay extra attention on your luggage. If you have many packs there are many chances of missing it. Carrying heavy luggage also need large vehicle to carry and it cannot be transported by public transport facility, so if you are less loaded you can use cheaper transport facilities. If you are taking with your kids, you can carry snacks and chocolates with you because eatables are costlier in departing places and avoid tempting them by taking nearer grocery stores.

If you are frequent flyer buy or join with club of airlines to get attractive discounts and reward points. Reward points are accumulated to avail special offers or avail discount in next booking. Prepare a budget for traveling and note all traveling expenses so that you can keep records for reviewing later what you have spent. Please do not carry cash at wallet and when you are withdrawing money from ATM, withdraw money at same bank’s ATM to avoid transaction charges.

Guidebook of destination place will greatly help you in saving money. It will help you to reach important place without missing it. It helps to find correct road to reach and ultimately helps in choosing shorter distance. You must have booked your return ticket to same place in same air travels you could save lot of money because round-trip tickets are much cheaper than single way ticket.

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Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent, the cheapest car rental company with more than 40 years of experience of providing cheap car rental in Crete

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