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Car rental Crete


Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Rental Costs In Heraklion

Car rental services in Heraklion are definitely convenient and preferable, especially when you consider the many comforts and luxuries offered by this hassle free means of transportation for exploring the island of Crete. And if you can manage to cut down your travel expenses, the experience will become even more satisfying. To help you out, here are some easy and effective ways to lower your car rental costs in Heraklion without having to compromise on quality or comfort.

# Book online

Online booking for car rental services will definitely help you get better rates when compared to booking over telephone. Not only do online agencies offer better rates and discounts, you can also explore different Heraklion car rental services and compare their charges on the web, thereby arriving at the most cost-effective deal.

# Choose weekdays

If you have a flexible travel schedule, try and select weekdays for your Heraklion car travel to get better deals. Weekends usually witness a lot of traveler and tourist influx in Crete which is why, car rental companies charge higher rates on these days to maximize profits. By choosing the off-season travel on weekdays, you can save a ton of your money on car rentals.

# Skip insurance

Travel insurance might be a good idea for a long trip but a few-days-worth of an excursion in Heraklion doesn’t necessary warrant paying premium insurance costs. By skipping on travel insurance, you can end up saving a lot of money on your car rental service bill.

# Smaller cars

Unless you really need a large vehicle for transporting your luggage and co-passengers, try going for a smaller, and more compact car. Rental agencies usually charge more economical rates on such vehicles – a fact that will help you save on your transportation bill with just a little adjustment on space.

Keeping these factors in mind will definitely help you lower your car rental costs in Heraklion while maximizing on luxury and comfort during your trip. Happy traveling!

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