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Ways to survive a long car ride








How to survive a long car rental journey

Driving car for longer distance can give lot of pleasures because attractive side scenes and people also consider as little adventure. Long car ride is not safer if you would have not prepared with all necessary preparations and precautions.

If you are going for a long ride your car must be properly serviced. Servicing a car includes general checkup of engine, air-condition, brakes and oils levels. The level of engine oil, brake oil and coolant oil must be checked before starting ride why because any oil level goes empty your ride will ends sadly because of breakdown. For example, if your car’s engine oil has not been properly changed your engine might be seized and coolant oil goes minimum level engine emits higher heat that will cause smoke and harm to engine. If your car got problem somewhere in remote area and the place is far from service center, we have to spend more money than spending for preparations.

Do not carry heavy luggage in boot space since heavy loads reduce fuel efficiency. Tyre air pressure should also be checked and stepney tire must be kept in storage place. Spare tyre is very important because we do not know when tire get puncture and any person should be skilled at changing spare tire without getting help of others. Keep first aid kit, GPS navigation system and fire extinguisher. If you are going to mountain area or long distance which is away from city, it is advised to keep satellite phones for communication.

You have to drive at normal speed and do not accelerate to over speed and maintain speed always under control. . Driving at normal speed increase your fuel efficiency and gives more driving stability.  Every passenger must wear seat belt and do not drive car continuously for long hours. Stop the car at least 20-30 minutes for taking small gaps at safer place where you find people are living. If you are driving through forest do not stop anywhere in forest area because wild animals might be hidden to attack and snake like poisonous might be lying in side roads.

Do not eat heavy food and keep plenty of water in car for drinking. If you are driving at night getting sleep, you take lodge for stay for a while to relax then continue your journey. Keep chewing gum or refreshments at your dashboard to help you refreshed. Take your car documents such registration, license and identity card with you because police may just ask you to stop temporarily for checking.

Keep your windscreen cleaner and fill with cleaning shampoo at storage for cleaning dust and mud covers widescreen due to bad weather. Check your wiper blade, head lamps and fog lamps are properly working.  When you are taking children be assure that child safety lock is on. Do not use music system or lower your music volume so that behind coming vehicle can easily be noticed. Keep emergency kit such toeing rope, jack, knife and tool box. If it is raining please drive very slowly and do cross any water flowing faster.

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Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent

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