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Hire a 4×4 Jeep/Suv in Crete

Hire a 4x4 jeep in Heraklion

Go for a 4×4 Jeep,  discover the hidden Crete!

The biggest and the most populous island in Greece is Crete. Crete is enriched with its natural & cultural heritages. Icy mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and above all the picturesque island on the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea make this island really popular destination for the tourists from the different corner of the world. The main cities of this island are Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Ierapetra, Agios Nikolaos & Sitia. The gateway of Crete used by the world tourist is mainly the Heraklion airport.

According to the needs of the tourists, the luxury hotels and tour operators have been built up in this largest island of Greece. If we view the transportation scenario Crete, the main equipment of transportation is via air. Also the ferry services are available from Athens also. But within the island, the main transportation is via road. For the service of the tourists, a large number or tour companies and car hire companies have been built up in different cities of Crete.

The most popular hiring vehicle used by the tourists is to hire a Jeep in Crete or Suv which has a 4×4 capacity. This is because of the “rough” Cretan roads and sometimes if you want to see and visit the true Cretan life and the real traditional people and villages you need to travel on the mountains.  With a 4×4 car path yourself into the Cretan mountains, drifting sideways “bumpy” roads and mud tracks to undisclosed areas that you won’t find on tourist maps. A perfect expedition for open-air explorers.

And hence all the car hire companies in this island have most of the jeeps or suvs to give rent to the tourists. The complete stretch of the Crete Island is around 60 km from east to west and it is best to hire a 4×4 jeep or suv to complete your tour in the island. The speed limit in Crete is 120kph on the motorways and 110kph outside the towns. And a jeep or a suv in Heraklion is really the best vehicle in this speed limit in the island. Commonly, the car hire agencies offer a really reasonable rate for the 4×4 jeep or suv hire in Crete. The hired jeep or suv can be delivered at any of the resorts in the major towns or at the airport parking bay according to the customer asks for.

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent


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