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What to Do after You Have Landed at Heraklion Airport

Heraklion Kazantzakis International Airport is Crete’s main airport, and the second busiest airport in Greece.

For a first time traveler, it might be disconcerting to be in a very busy airport with people speaking a different language. But that’s okay. Eventually, you’ll get over the shock, especially because the excitement is more powerful than the anxiety. To avoid the disconcerting feeling, however, it helps to have a car rental company waiting for you at the airport. The advantage to this is that a car rental can be a helpful guide to get you around Crete.

Upon landing at the airport, someone from the Cretan car rental company should already be there waiting for you, especially if meeting you at the airport is part of what you’ve agreed upon. If this is not the case, however, the first thing you should do, after landing in Heraklion, is to call your car rental company. Ask them if it’s possible for someone to bring the car to you. If it’s not, then ask them how to get to where the car rental is, so you can pick it up. Most of the car rental in Heraklion airport companies have representatives waiting for you, holding a paper poster with your name and the car park is less than a minute away from the arrivals!

In any case, securing a car is the first thing you should do after landing in Crete. Don’t spend time waiting in the big queues in front of a desk of large expensive car hire companies, with robotic like people behind the desk who is trying to serve 10 people at the same time and trying to convince you that “this is best price we can get you”. If you haven’t booked one prior to coming to Crete, then try to book one online, don’t book the moment you’ve landed. Get your car and travel to your hotel or destination, prepare yourself for the amazing experience that is Crete.

About The Author:
Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent, a car hire company in Crete with thousands of satisfied customers.

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