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Travel to Elafonisi Island with a Rental Car

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How to travel to Elafonisi Island.

Are you in search of a magical place that will remind you of a lost paradise? Then consider visiting the island of Elafonisi off the coast of Crete. It is a castaway island with golden beeches.

You can get away from the hustles of civilization and yet stay conveniently neat it. You can live the life of Robinson Crusoe for a day. It is always exciting to explore every nooks and corners of this semi tropical paradise. Take a drive down the east road and to lerapetra. From there you can have the luck of travelling by boats along with dolphins as companions. Enjoy the ever-changing colors of the Libyan sea on your way to the island. This island can be your gorgeous retreat during the summer vacation.

Elafonisi Island is tucked away into a quaint little corner of Crete. Car rental services in Crete are an excellent way of reaching this magical spot. The drivers are extremely conversant with the roads and can ensure that your stay at the place is with minimum bother. You can visit beautiful and unique landmarks that are there on your way to the spot. Every tourist must keep in mind to have permits from their car rental company about visit by boats. Then you can travel without any additional permits. Take a hire car and set out early to enjoy the warm sun in Crete.

Locals call it the Deer Island. Elafonisi Island can be the perfect paradise for the tourists. They can indulge in sunbathing under the warm Crete sun. They can take a soothing walk on the tranquil beach. There are beautiful tiny structures or churches, all whitewashed, that they could peek in. the trip to this place can help soothe the bruised and tattered nerves of incessant city life. The water all around the island is full of opportunities for adventures. There are more than 54 different marine species in the waters around the island. This provides an excellent opportunity for snorkeling for those wish to take a peek at the underwater world. They can enjoy in one of the two taverns on the island. There are possibilities for excursions around the beaches from mid May to late October on a daily basis. The calm seas allow the visitors to explore the island and its surrounding turquoise waters to their hearts fill.


Traveling to Ierapetra city for Iraklion or Heraklion airport it is about 110 kilometers, you have to take the main highway to Agios Nikolaos but do not enter the city just turn right and follow the south road to Ierapetra. The boats departure time from lerapetra is 10.30 am while the return time is 16.00 pm. The trip usually takes around 40 minutes even though it depends on the weather.

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