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Book a car in Heraklion and plan your summer holidays in Crete

Book a car in Heraklion
Book a car in Heraklion






Rent your car in Heraklion and find the best summer in Crete!

Summer vacations is the perfect time for many people to pack their bags and head to some of the most popular tourists destinations in the world. These places are usually popular because they offer a collection of beautiful beaches with tranquil waters off the shore during the day and a pulsating nightlife after the sun has gone down. However, only vary few places, if any, in the world offers the unique combination to the travelers who visit its shores during the summer months.

This island is one of the largest in the Greek archipelago and is one of the most popular, as well. It is home to not only a large number of sandy beaches but also to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. This is where the island of Crete differs from most of the other holiday destination for the summer months because it has something to offer to almost every traveler.

The city of Heraklion serves as the capital of this island and is a major gateway to the Greek mainland and a number of other islands including Santorini, Paros and Mykanos. The city has an international airport and commercial port resulting in excellent connectivity. This has resulted in the proliferation of companies offering car rental at Heraklion. Renting a car is the most efficient way of moving around in the island. It provides for greater freedom in visiting various remote locations and proves to be cost efficient, as well. Thus, people interested in visiting Crete during the summer need to decide upon the car rental company for deriving the lowest rates. They can choose from a large number of services and compare prices over the internet to make sure that they avail the lowest rates. They should also check the condition of the car they are about to hire and all the amenities provided by the car rental company.

The choice of the best car rental company is not enough for planning the perfect trip. Tourists also need to decide upon the town or city where they will base their stay. Most opt for Heraklion because it offers the widest range of choices regarding accommodation and food. This is a wise choice because the city enjoys quality connectivity by both air and sea. The city also lies close to most of the major tourist destinations and offers the travelers to visit these places by day and return to the city at night. Thus, it is better to avail companies that offer car hire at Heraklion. The tourists must also plan the spots that are willing to try out first depending on their preferences including places of historic significance such as the Archeological Museum and a number of other museums, or beaches and resorts. A planned summer holiday to Crete will help tourists in enjoying their stay to the maximum.

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Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent. Book a car in Heraklion with Cretarent and get the best deals and offers.

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