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Honeymoon in Crete: An Unforgettable Experience!

Getting married to your love is the most incredible experience. When you think that you share your thoughts and your lives depend on each other, it makes your marriage the most special. Undoubtedly, a honeymoon is a crucial part of marriage. If you plan to head to Crete for your lovely honeymoon, you have made an excellent choice.

As transport is never a problem on the island, you can quickly hire a car in Crete at affordable rates and spend a traditional Cretan honeymoon. Besides, the island offers the best hospitality and a perfect Mediterranean climate for everyone.

Enlisted are some of the activities you can enjoy in Crete that would surely make your honeymoon memorable: 

Hiking Samaria Gorge

One of the largest Ravines in Europe, the Samaria Gorge in Crete offers the most incredible landscapes. While exploring, you can enjoy the hiking trails, the “Iron Gates” (or the narrow rock walls), the abandoned village, and the historic chapel.

Planning Beach Excursions

Crete has some mesmerising and breathtaking beaches stretching over hundreds of miles. You can hire a car in Crete and explore the secluded spots lying across the island’s southern coasts. You can start your beach excursions with gorgeous sites, including the Elafonisi Beach, known for its clear water, the Vai beach, the home of one of the most extensive natural palm forests in Europe, and the Matala beach, backed by mesmerizing seaside caves and remarkable cliffs.

Planning Excursion to the Historic Sites and Museums

Crete has a rich history and hence has no shortage of museums and historical sites that you would never like to miss. Even though you are not a history lover, the island offers you some of the most famous attractions. Ensue to pay a visit to the Knossos Palace, which once belonged to the legendary King Minos. If you are a history-lover, you can hire a car in Crete and explore Rethymno and the Venetian Fortezza.

However, you can continue your trip by exploring more about the island. You can try exploring its culture through its food and drinks. Furthermore, you can try exploring the scenic towns and villages. 

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